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What Huang He on taste? Let`s not drop to the river, we will prepare the snack of

of the same name If at you the couple of chicken breasts and two averages of the size fresh a cucumber, one head of onions yes three garlic gloves plus seventy five grams of butter is available only navsy, then, being going to try this dish, buy to them a small back of ginger (enough some ten grams), soy sauce and which - what spices.

Here, perhaps, and everything that will be required to prepare Huang He . Agree, it is not enough and it is not too difficult to collect this set of products at present. And having it, it is possible to start safely preparation of culinary work which is proud is called as well as the great Chinese river: Huang He.

Yes, by the way if it is interesting to you why it quite so is called and what it is obliged to such honor by, I can explain. Everything is simple actually. It is known that Huang He is translated with Chinese as Yellow River from - for characteristic a shade which have have its waters (flowing, by the way, into the Yellow Sea as they also paint it in this color).

So also we will be adjusted on the corresponding color of a ready dish which belongs to the category of hot appetizers, and so, hints that the taste which is symbolically correlated to one of the most extended waterways around the world has high degree. And not from - for some there alcoholic additives, and in itself.

Well, it is time to distract already from geographical digressions and to start production. Are ready? Then, first of all, we will cut a bulb (at first in half, then each half on thin stripes) and we will send to a frying pan with the warmed butter (however, it can be replaced peanut, sesame or corn, too tasty it will turn out - I guarantee).

Having waited when onions reach a condition of semi-readiness, we will add to it small chopped chicken breasts, and after them we will throw on the same frying pan also straws from cucumbers (readers of ShZh know long ago that they can be fried).

Until all contents of our frying pan hiss more and more joyfully and more and more appetizingly, it is possible, without hurrying, to rub ginger, to rasp or by means of a press garlic, to connect these ingredients and to add to them couple of tablespoons of soy sauce (a plus-minus so much how many you will consider as suitable quantity), black pepper, salt and a coriander - are added also to taste.

The classics of the recipe assumes that the received sauce mixes up with what already teases aroma from a frying pan, and it is carried on it to full readiness five more minutes. But I, for example, consider that as soon as garlic gets to a zharekha, fire should be switched off. And you choose. At last, the last nuance - we strew a ready dish with small crumbled fennel.

For what I especially love this recipe, so it for the fact that only, including not only roasting, but also cutting, no more than half an hour leaves. Quickly enough, agree. The world river Huang He, the fourth on length, in culinary execution is compact and tasty. Try!