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To you lunch in a brick or in a half-brick ?

That for nonsense! - the reader will exclaim. Also it will be right! Because terms in a brick or in a half-brick treat a laying of walls or furnaces. And what can designate these terms in kitchen? You will be able to understand it only at " restaurant; Baba-yaga in Tel - to Avivah.

We were brought there by advertizing. And curiosity. And desire to become the frequenter. Because the restaurant intends to turn in some kind of Slavic market to the favourite place of creative natures. And we want to join this circle too. Among such people always interestingly!

And here we on the place. Really, Baba-yaga . And that it was clear not only to Russians, but also tourists, and natives of Israel, the name is written by Latin.

Quite spacious court yard with a lawn. Tables in the open air. Small eminence, as if platform. Nearby - an arbor.

Judging from the fact that when we entered the yard, to us there was a manager, we were seen from within, through windows - and hurried towards. It was pleasant, it is necessary to tell. At once offered very cozy little table for two.

What you will order? The Answer was prepared still at home (we glanced on the website of restaurant and knew, than there feed): " Solyanka;. I do not know where in Israel it is possible to eat solyanka, but the case helped here. And the case was pleasant: it was very tasty! Has to tell that one of signs of the real solyanka - a kidney. And they - were!

What on the second? With it it was more difficult - house preparation was not. And when Sasha (manager) said names of dishes, all it seemed as if usual, even habitual. But here reached to Som in a brick . Isn`t that so, there are no visual, flavoring associations when you hear such combination. As in the known joke: I even cannot imagine it! And we could not. How it can be? Curiosity solved everything: it.

But only, please, give one brick for two. Bye. And then we will look . (Here to you and a lunch in a brick or in a half-brick!)

We wait. Not quickly, however. And here the dish appears. And on it a brick! Sasha removes the top half - and there something smoking, sizzling, soaring, exhaling aroma In total according to Arkady Raikin: Taste of spetsifitskiya at it You take, in a mouth - thaws!

Som - the most delicate! Kartoshechka, a morkovochka, something else very tasty and here remained only a skeleton on a brick!

All of us jammed it cake. And there was a miss (we will correct next time) - it was necessary to take to fish of wine or at least beer. Well nothing, it will not leave us!

And as it turns out: som in a brick? As far as it was succeeded to find out, it not simply original is a unique dish. The catfish is caught in Kineret`s lake, and the form is done specially by request the chief - cooks Baba-yaga ! Well, and if there are a som and such brick, it is possible to prepare it! Everything is so simple!

What does each Russian (or wants to make, but hesitates) in a such institution? Of course, asks the book of complaints. And I asked to leave the mark among traces of other visitors. And there was what I did not count on in any way: I was in very and very respectable and, I will not be afraid of this word, the nice company. In this book not somebody some time ago undersigned for the sympathies, and Valentin Gaft, Galina Volchek and Nina Doroshina! (With them there was one more man whom I do not know). So in some degree the task to join on creative Wednesday was carried out!

For those who will want to have dinner in a brick or at least in a half-brick - the restaurant is located on the coastal street about the most large market Carmel . It is guaranteed that after this restaurant you will not become similar to a baba-yaga or Kashchey Bessmertny. It is rather on the contrary, you will become a little bit better and kinder!