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How crisis was reflected in the Bulgarian market of real estate?

Demand for resort real estate, by estimates of realtors, those is higher, than the resort season is closer. The benefit, persons interested to combine business with pleasure (both to have a rest, and to buy the apartment in the pleasant resort for future holidays) are always.

Bulgaria besides that the prices of local housing steadily grew the last years, remains, perhaps, the country, most available to the Russian buyers. Even taking into account crisis reduction in cost of the Moscow real estate the price of the Bulgarian square meter is on average four times cheaper, than in five-storey apartment blocks of the Russian capital.

Crisis expelled from the Bulgarian market of real estate of British whose activity promoted its overheat. But their place was taken by buyers from Russia, Romania, Germany.

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to Crisis amendments underwent

housing cost in Sofia. If before crisis the one-room apartment in the center of the Bulgarian capital cost an average of 100 thousand euros, then now - 75 thousand. Odnushki (on - Bulgarian - one-flocks ) on suburbs start from 24 thousand euros now.

And here the prices of resort real estate remain at the pre-crisis level. The builders participating in the " exhibition; Bulgarian house which took place in Moscow not so long ago, offered square meters in resort complexes by the sea with dispersion on average from 650 to 1500 euros.

We will not forget also about notorious Bulgarian meter . In Bulgaria usually include in apartment metric area not only what is called its total area at us, but also adjacent meters on a landing, a balcony, a loggia...

Entered number of the most expensive seaside towns and settlements Nessebar, Sozopol (in both quarters of historical building remained), the Review, Shine Vlas. Rather expensively (1200 - 1500 euros for square ) there is a housing in Tsarevo, the town in 70 kilometers to the South from Bourgas. It is possible to call infrastructure in Tsarevo developed only with great reserve: in hotels, restaurants and shops there is no shortcoming, and here with children`s entertainments a problem. And the ukhozhennost of the coast will not leave the captious tourist happy.

The cheapest real estate in Bourgas and Varna, the regional centers of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, rather large cities which are built up with mainly panel nine-storey buildings that are familiar to all of us on Soviet period. Also resort complexes which are not entering line of settlements are cheaper (for example, between Shine with Vlas and Ravda). Everything that it is necessary for rest, in such complexes is, but here to serious shopping it is necessary to go to the next city or the settlement: if the outlet nearby is also provided, the range is, as a rule, small there.

The cheapest option - for 390 euros for square - offered in one of complexes on the Solar coast. For the smallest studio in this complex of 23 square meters ask slightly more than 9 thousand euros. But the complex is removed from the sea of kilometer on four, and the Solar coast - pleasure very much on the fan as the district directly by the sea there is overloaded with multystoried hotels. And the apartment is farther from the sea and the resort is less prestigious, the liquidity of housing is lower.

Slowly to reduce the prices, many builders, however, went on the way of liberalization of conditions of purchase. Standard pre-crisis option: 10 percent as the first contribution, then three times on 30 at different stages of construction, various options of payment by installments were rather an exception. Now not the rarity options when for the first contribution there are enough five percent, within the first year is required to bring another 25 - 35%, and other sum - or at completion of construction, or by installments till 10 years. If you pay with installments to have a rest in the apartments most or to lease them (to shear on it many coupons better not to count owing to the prices, low to world measures, and a short season, but with interest to cover maintenance costs of this second housing quite really).

the Lodge in the village


who wants to acquire the Bulgarian real estate near the sea absolutely cheap can advise to pay attention to rural houses in villages in some removal from the sea. It is possible to find also quite decent options for 10 - 15 thousand euros (still, as a rule, as much it is necessary to spend for repair).

But realtors in search of inexpensive rural houses usually not assistants: they prefer to work with options more expensively from which to them the commission is more. So it is necessary to monitor alone local newspapers of free announcements and most to conduct negotiations with sellers. Bulgaria - not that country where the language barrier is actual for our person. But for negotiations it is better to employ the translator (their services are usually not really expensive, the all-Bulgarian low cost affects) or, the ideal option, in the presence of local acquaintances to use their help. If negotiations on the price are conducted by the Bulgarian, it is more favorable as from foreigners owners of the sold real estate usually strive to ask more, than from the.

One more inconvenience - rural houses are on sale together with the earth, and foreigners have no right to buy the Bulgarian land yet. It is necessary to register local firm and to make out purchase on it. The foreigner with a tourist visa without problems can make, but process demands time and some expenses.

An important factor at the choice of the village for temporary or full-time residence - the number of the Roma living there. If there is a lot of them, it is better to look for other place: Roma in Bulgaria, as well as in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the people dashing and earn means of livelihood quite often crime (the local Roma preferring to work honestly also suffer from the last).

One more moment: the rural house is suitable for full-time residence more. If to spend in it it is a little time, decays quicker. So it can be quite good option for a quiet and comfortable old age or full-time residence if the source of the income does not depend on the residence (there are no problems with the Internet and telecommunication in the Bulgarian villages, as a rule).