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Who made money for cinema to its invention? Idvird Maybridzh of

That Idvird Maybridzh? Researches ended brilliantly. Carried out by request of Liland Stanford - the railway magnate and the Californian governor, the founder of the well-known university, they unexpectedly caused rough reaction in the sphere which at first sight does not have relations neither to dispute of the customer of work, nor to photos of the performer.

In a picture of the French musketeer and painter Theodore Gericault Derby in Epsom the viewer sees how horses in gallop literally creep over the earth, having extended legs. Alas, on moving pictures it is clear it is visible that there is no such phase in gallop, it is only fiction of the gifted artist.

It would seem that in it it? It is almost impossible to consider thoroughly all phases of the movement, and any artist has the right to creative fiction. But colleagues from shop amicably acted on protection of art.

The famous sculptor August Rodin claimed: The Artist is right, and the photo lies because actually time does not stop and if the artist manages to report impression of the gesture lasting several moments, its work, of course, will be much less conditional, than a scientific image in which time suddenly interrupts the current .

Work on studying of horse gallop so carried away Idvird Maybridzha that he could not remain only a photographer and was engaged in studying of motility of animals. For performances before public with results of researches the newly made naturalist between times invented not less significant, than cinema, art - animation.

the big glass disk diameter almost in human height was the most important part of the device under the author`s name zoopraksiskop. On edge of a disk drew silhouettes of animals in various phases of the movement. For example, from the beginning of a jump of a tiger before his termination. Now, if to include a lamp and to untwist a disk, then on the screen - the tense white sheet - shadows - silhouettes began to jump. Than not the first projector?

By the way, on other sources of the image did not draw, and on a disk author`s pictures what were the main object of studying and the analysis for the newly made scientist were placed. Only for work " preparation; Movement of animals published by Pennsylvanian university in 1887, Maybridzh made more than hundred thousand photos. And it is its not all pictures.

Having created a prototype of a modern film projector, Maybridzh was not satisfied with what has already been achieved. In 1893 at the World Fair in Chicago the photographer - the scientist gave lectures not where it is necessary, and in the zoopraksografichesky hall which is specially built up for this purpose equipped with a huge projector.

The public had to pay for an entrance. How many - I do not know also it and it is not important. Far more important the fact that for viewing of moving images the payment was appointed. Before public the first commercial movie theater opened doors. So also Maybridzh did not miss the.

And the cinema in an appearance, habitual for us, appeared slightly - slightly later. Also brothers Lumiere, and the inventor of an electric bulb Thomas Edison, and many other people are involved in his creation. About it is in other history