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Who made money for cinema to its invention? Liland Stanford of

the Vast majority of people is sure that brothers Lumiere were inventors of cinema. That, we will not try to reduce the size of their contribution to creation and development of a new art form, so valued the Soviet leaders subsequently. But all - not they were pioneers.

In far 1872 Arnold Schwarzenegger`s predecessor on a high state post of the governor of California Liland Stanford became interested in a trifle: whether the horse flies? And if more precisely and joking apart - whether there is a moment when the horse galloping completely tears off from the earth at the same time four hoofs?

To spend time, doing nothing on a hippodrome and peering in the stands of racers rushing by with equestrians, the busy businessman and the politician did not want. And what`s the use in examining of horse pases, all the same then you will prove nothing to nobody, material evidences are necessary.

Stanford addressed the fashionable photographer Idvird Maybridzhu who excitedly turned to interesting and not bad paid work. Problems it was necessary to decide much. In the photos printed from usual photographic plates it was impossible to make out the jumping horse. Low-sensitive photographic materials demanded great patience, and for display of moving objects and furthermore they of the horses riding at full speed, were no good.

But chemicals - only one component of a complex challenge. The second - speed of the camera, it is impossible to seize the necessary opportunity an eye, and especially, instantly to press descent. Means, it is necessary to do a series of pictures, the inventor appointed the governor solved. How? Yes by means of several chambers which locks would work consistently with an interval of a thousand fraction of a second. But besides, how? How to force to work chambers consistently and synchronously?

Unsuccessful experiments lasted years, till summer of 1878. By this time the prime cause of researches disappeared. During experiences almost incidentally it was succeeded to receive a distinct photo on which it was obviously visible how the horse soars over the earth, without touching a surface by hoofs.

The customer was satisfied, but, to his honor, did not stop financing. Maybridzh so was fond of a task that about the termination of researches there could not be also a speech.

And here, at last, there came day of triumph. On June 11, 1878 on one of the Californian ranches the photographer in the presence of the press and a lot of gapers showed the achievements.

Dozen of three-dimensional cameras placed at distance of two tens inches one from another almost instantly clicked locks and removed gallop of a racer of Oksident from a governor`s stable. Actually locks worked with an interval of one millisecond, and each chamber imprinted the unique moment of horse run.

The received series of pictures was called simply - The Horse in the movement . It is considered the first moving picture from which the family tree of all modern film industry starts.

Who earned money? Naturally - the customer. Stanford organized researches not only just for fun. They say that dispute for a round sum - 25 thousand dollars what were earned by the governor and the businessman was the second cause, having received the first picture of the soaring horse long before emergence moving picture .

What Maybridzh? About it a little later