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Than lentil is good?

Haricot, peas - these plants are widespread much more, and their taste is habitual to us, and here the few can tell about lentil.

Ya became interested in lentil after my colleague shared with me seeds of this plant, in every possible way praising highly it and insistently advising to put at itself on a kitchen garden.

it Turned out that it was right, and lentil is worthy to take the place on a kitchen garden to diversify our table.

Lentil belongs to family of bean. Resembles a wild bird vetch superficially. This is an odnoletnik up to 75 centimeters high with white, pink or violet flowers. A fruit - a bean in which are from one to three seeds. It is similar to a small purse. Seeds are flattened as if tiny lenses, red, green, gray or brown color. On them there can be also drawing.

To the soil lentil is undemanding. Sow it in the early spring when soil temperature at a depth about 5 centimeters reaches +5 degrees. After crops the soil needs to be prikatat. Shoots maintain frosts to minus 5 - 6 degrees. Especially well the plant develops at a temperature of 25 - 30 degrees of heat. The period of vegetation of a plant makes 65 - 100 days.

Lentil - high-protein food and fodder crop which is very nutritious as it contains carbohydrates, mineral substances, vitamins of group B, C, iron.

The protein including the vital amino acids contains in it, on one sources, to 32, on others - to 60 percent. This protein is well acquired, and vegetarians use lentil instead of meat.

At lentil grades which use in food seeds with greenish coloring are especially appreciated (colors khaki). They say that if they perespet and will become brown, their nutrition value will be lower. However such lentil well keeps a form when cooking that allows to use it in various salads, vinaigrettes.

A red lentil is especially good for preparation of mashed potatoes, soups as it quickly boils soft.

And from lentil cook porridges, from it add flour to the sausage weight, bread and confectionery, use as a stuffing for pies. Especially the well-known lentil soup is famous.

Before cooking it is more preferable to fill in lentil for 2 - 3 hours with cold water, and then in the same water and to cook. Lentil seeds quickly boil soft not that peas or haricot - her relatives.

And traditional medicine did not avoid this plant.

Considering a lentil saturation useful substances, people use its broth (on 100 grams 3 times a day) as a diuretic. Besides, she helps to struggle with oncological diseases.

In olden days lentil saved Russia from hunger more than once. When during a drought all main cultures - rye, wheat, oats, barley perished - lentil grew. Russia won first place in the world on lentil cultivation. It was bought willingly by other countries.

Now in large quantities lentil is not especially tried to be grown up and even find to it the explanation.

All the matter is that seeds of lentil ripen disjointedly: in the beginning lower, then top. By cars almost not to clean such harvest. On one plant there can be both perespevshiyeboba, and absolutely green. Therefore forced out lentil from fields those cultures with which farm vehicles easily cope.

And I am grateful to the colleague who helped this remarkable plant to lodge on our kitchen garden.