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Than cats deserved on March 1? The world day of cats

Already many centuries a side about sideways with the person walk the little, purring, fluffy cats and cats. As a sign of love to these surprising creations of cats by the Moscow museum with assistance of the UN in 2004, the first day of the first month of spring, was proclaimed in the World afternoon of cats.

I is valid, existence of such surprising animal in the house, guarantees it to the owner not only lack of rodents, but also pleasure of communication with the little pet, in certain cases delivery of health care, and especially superstitious can even trace behavior of a cat for a prediction of any natural phenomena.

Various medicinal properties of these creations, are especially sensitive to displays of diseases and are capable to influence health of the owners well. In most cases it is not even necessary violently to put the house doctor to a sore point, cats come to the rescue when to the owner it is bad. It is known that at the person ironing a cat pulse rate decreases, there pass muscular spasms and digestion improves. This is especially effective fluffy medicine at stresses and overfatigue.

There are some historic facts of feats of little heroes. So thanks to cats, during the Siege of Leningrad of a cat helped blockade survivors to survive and rescued the remains of those small ration provisions which ruthlessly destroyed rats. Cats were written out by the chairman of Leningrad Soviet from the Yaroslavl region, and distributed to the population, and in fight, unequal on number, showed dostoyanny resistance the small wrecker.

The known case of vigilance of a cat from New Zealand. The cat of Simba saved from death 15 - the tiletny teenager. The candle left the teenager, lit in garage became a cause of the fire. Having scented danger and a smell of burning, the cat began to mew and rush loudly backwards - forward from doors of garage to a porch, trying to draw attention of the owners thus. When owners at last woke up, at first thought that Simba wants to eat, and as always begs. When the cat just began to fight about a door of garage, parents of the boy thought that really happens. The arrived firemen reported to the local newspaper New Zealand Herald that if not a cat who woke members of household, the boy by all means would die from asthma at the fire in the closed garage where that remained to spend the night.

Psychologists recommend to get cats in a family where the small penis of a family grows. Existence of a cat promotes formation in the growing-up identity of such qualities as kindness, a sense of responsibility,

Certainly cannot disprove ascertaining of that fact that our most favourite pets, deserve a personal holiday by right. Usual action on March 1 is opening of various exhibitions of representatives of the cat family. You should not forget that not only the cats tamed by us but also who are not giving in to human desires and whims wild, predators treat them. They are various in a behavior manner, but there are also common features of this family - beauty, cunning, grace, greatness of a gait and others unique, inherent only to them qualities.

Naturally the animal deserves human the relation in any day of year, but nevertheless do not forget, in the morning on March 1, to fill a feeding trough of the fluffy favourite with a favourite delicacy and to stroke it behind an ear and under a chin. In gratitude he will surely award you with ringing purring and reflection of sincere devotion in eyes.