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How to receive the visa to Germany?

Germany belong to one of the countries where it is quite problematic to receive the visa independently. Besides Germany it is, of course, the USA, Great Britain and Belgium. At each of the countries the reasons. The USA and Great Britain has a terrorism, Germany and Belgium - immigrants. But at most of those who want to receive the visa not through travel agency, as a rule, of the purpose much more peace.

First of all, properly study the website www. moskau. diplo. de is an official site of Embassy of Germany in Russia (in Russian). There are various instructions - depending on the purpose of your trip. But here we will take for an example only one - you go by the invitation of the company some time to work there (in our example - about three months).

For a start you have to possess the international passport which period of validity more three months after an expiration date of your trip. It is important. Otherwise you should receive anew the international passport, and this time.

Further you make two copies the Russian passport - a page with personal data and pages with registration.

you Make two copies international passports - pages with personal data. If there is already a departure to the country of the Schengen contract, then it is possible to otkserit also a page with this visa. To you it will be reckoned.

you Take the reference in the place of work or study that you really are their employee with the indication of your position and on your monthly income. If you the student, then make the copy of the student ID card or the academic reference certified by the notary (that is not just the certificate that you the student of it is a course, such - specialties, it are university, and the reference with all list of objects that you studied with the number of the received class periods. The translation of it will be much more expensive and to receive such in dean`s office more difficult - have to lift documents from the first day of your training).

By mail in the original you receive the invitation from this company and the contract in which the sort of your activity, the number of working hours a week and an estimated income level has to be in detail described. Also in the contract it has to be stated that the company is ready to undertake all expenses on insurance. (Consider that from Berlin to Moscow mail goes weeks two). Further you send to

the contract signed by you back to the company which invited you.

Now one of the most difficult and confused questions. Permission to employment. If at you it is not, then from 4 to 6 weeks will make out the visa. If you have this time, then can undertake nothing. But if you have very short deadlines of receipt of a visa, then it is necessary to do everything. With this work permit you receive the visa next day. For consulate it - green light.

So, the work permit gives Zentralstelle f ü r Arbeitsvermittlung (ZAV) - the central department on employment. (Once again I remind that all German bureaucratic bodies work only with originals )

But not everything is as simple as you understand. You have to receive forms from this agency (by e-mail quite perhaps). But you have to be able to speak in German or in English. It is supposed that if you go to work, then you have to know at least one of these two languages.

you also hundred times are accurate rechecking written, fill in these forms. Also forms which the employer has to fill your are attached to them . You send all this (besides - in the original!) by mail to the employer. There fill in the remained forms and all package of documents, as always by mail, send to ZAV.

Then ZAV sets the big seal and sends to the employer a piece of paper that everything is all right, we give kindly . And now - attention - the employer (we do not forget - by mail) sends this piece of paper to you .

also four photos will be necessary for you For the visa . If the photographer persistently proves to you that it not essentially how many millimeters in the photo your head, beat him with legs... It is of great importance. The consulate can develop.

Also to you should fill in the questionnaire - the statement (to make in triplicate) on receipt of a visa and two copies the signed application according to 55 the law on stay in the territory of Germany.

Somewhere in the middle of all correspondence with all bureaucratic structures of Germany you have to call by (495) 789 64 82, 974 88 38 phone (A call paid - 71 rub in 1 min., the minimum payment of 142 rub) and to register in interview. Remember that from the call moment, before the near free time there will be about two weeks.

Calculate so that you by that moment on hands had all documents. If it appears not so, and you lacked one - two days - do not despair, all the same you descend on interview. There, if you have not all necessary documents in the original, you will be given two weeks during which you can come in any day and any time. That is if next day you already received originals of documents, then can quietly go for repeated interview.

Here in principle and all. Personal council from me: at transfer by mail use services the express - deliveries. Them there is a set. You will spend money, but you will be quiet that will be lost nothing and it will be delivered within 2 - 3 working days.

When I ran in due time and collected documents, I very much lacked here it here algorithm that when and how to do. Successful to you trips!