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Armwrestling: let`s try force?

For certain the majority of you consider that the armwrestling is a kind of fight which is subject only to a man`s half. On the contrary, women also actively take part in these entertaining competitions. Since this sport won popularity, women also occupied the niche in this sport.

So what is an armwrestling?

The Armwrestling - desktop fight by one hand in which participants put elbows on a table hands link and try to overcome each other and to put the rival`s hand on a table surface .

In other words, it is fight of two on hands. Whether earlier this type of single combat was at a set of the people slightly one of ways to prove who is stronger on various holidays and celebrations.

Despite universal prevalence and popularity, an armwrestling as sport, is based not so long ago. To it only a little more than 50 - ti years.

Founders of this sport of steel Bill Soberanes (the young journalist) and Dave Devoto who were initiators of the first World Cup in a ristresling (a kind of the armwrestling) which passed in September, 1962 in the biggest hall of Petaluma.

Preparation for the competition not long. Athletes are given exactly one minute for reduction of hands in starting situation on armrests. Capture of hands has to be located over the center of a table, at this referee has to see joints of thumbs to have an opportunity to control correctness of capture. Having heard the words Redi Gough! , the duel begins.

Under the terms of fight, it is forbidden to tear off an elbow from an armrest or to slide off it. Also it is not allowed to stand up from a seat and to disturb any image the rival (for example, to push it with legs or to try to put forward legs from - under a table). Deliberate failure of capture, and also premature start is considered violation. Any violation attracts a stop of competition and the beginning of a new duel.

Completion of fight happens after when one of competing stacks the rival`s hand on a guard. The draw in this sport does not happen.

At the same time it is worth knowing that the victory is awarded not only to the nominal winner who managed to lay a hand to the rival, or the one who will achieve that the hand crossed a conditional horizontal of a guard, but also in case the rival violated rules in situation, losing for himself or three times twice - not in losing. An indisputable victory failure of capture by the rival in a losing position is also considered.

The armwrestling is quite spectacular type of single combats. But in comparison with other types of single combats, it is less traumatic. There is no place to blows, bruises, a wild hair, the torn clothes. But there is a healthy passion and persistence. And, certainly, this sport is very emotional as all emotions which are experienced by rivals are reflected in their persons on whom the close attention of the audience is also riveted.

For occupations by an armwrestling to you does not need to lead the figure to any certain standard. This sport for all comers.

The armwrestling is unique a sport where there is no violence, and often people gather just for fun, having a rest, and are given to this spectacular action.

What and to you I wish!

For fun