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Whether there is a female friendship? Opinions and recommendations

sooner or later not only most of women is set by This question, but also men show the interest in this phenomenon. Whether about that there is a man`s friendship nobody even will argue. Of course, exists! They still have their favourite male solidarity.

Preparing material for consideration of this subject, there was a wish to be based on real opinions of people more. Therefore the decision to interrogate a small circle of people, both men, and women of different age (from 19 to 37 years) was made.

It is interesting that all men as one, without reflecting, answered short Is not present though from where they can know it so categorically hardly anyone - that from them deeply penetrates into subtleties of female relationship. And they reasoned the opinion with the fact that the woman by the nature of the competitor and the true sincere friendship between them cannot be a priori.

Among women there are opinions more optimistical. Only some of little girls, without deliberating, answered Is not present without trying even to prove the answer. Probably, such position of ladies is caused by own negative experience of female friendship. The author of this article herself also very strongly burned in due time from such relations. You are on friendly terms with the person of 16 years, and then he betrays you in a situation, crisis for your life, and all fault tries to shift to yours so the fallen shoulders. And such cases, unfortunately, not a rarity. For this reason the matter was raised by interest and became actual. As it became clear from small poll, the female friendship everything is exists, and as the proof to that serve examples of women who are on friendly terms long ago, their husbands and their children are on friendly terms.

As shows public experience, the most firm friendship is born between those women who met each other in student`s years. It is natural selection of life. When you begin to enter adulthood together with someone, to continue to go further already with anybody others do not want. So, girlfriends of mother of my very good and kind acquaintance (and to all of them years on 60) are all former classmates.

of Whom can call the girlfriend?

Sincerely the girlfriend can call by

that person whom you know not one day which will come when badly and lends you the shoulder. The one who will be glad to your happiness and will help to experience difficulties; which will see to it about that not only it it was good, but also you.

What needs to be considered?


In any friendship - both man`s, and especially female, - it is necessary to answer each other with reciprocity and understanding, ability to listen to opinion of the friend and to respect him (both opinion, and the friend). Not to focus attention on acute angles of life: money, political and religious views. The main thing in friendship - to support each other in everything, to trust each other, to learn to accept and love each other such what you are with all, to put it mildly, features and the cockroaches is at everyone, it is simple nobody them at itself does not want to notice.

And how instincts?

A concerning female envy and withdrawal of men - so it not foolishly occurs! Everything on people depends also on their values in life.

of Friends should not be much. One is clear: friends have to be the presents, and the sex does not matter!