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Why occupations by yoga are so necessary for the modern school student?

of the Yogi - Old Indian philosophical doctrine about self-improvement of the person, even more often used presently as universal system of improvement. The reason of its today`s popularity in Europe and not only, is covered in very saturated rhythm of life of the modern person. As a rule, solving pressing problems, we absolutely forget about ourselves, and then we pay for this forgetfulness with own health. And our children not an exception.

Sometimes the day regimen of the school student is much more loaded, than his parents. It is natural that we pursue the good aims, sending the child on additional classes to sections on sport or in groups on learning of foreign languages, thereby directing and developing its abilities. At the same time one of the main aspirations - to keep health of the child. And on statistical data more than 70% of children in Russia have chronic diseases, the third part of graduates of schools has restrictions in choice of profession in connection with a state of health. The figure horrifies. Of course, to such indications many factors which do not depend on us are the reason. We can only help our children with fight against them for the health.

One of the reasons of manifestation of failures in work of an organism consists in ordinary shortage of rest. The matter is that children are not able to relax after long physical or intellectual activity. The fatigue begins to collect, nervousness, a depression appears. At this moment of occupation by yoga will serve as excellent cure for all nervous experiences. Yoga this excellent means for relaxation. It is especially useful to unbalanced, inattentive, nervous and hyperactive children. Experts in the field of pedagogics noted that the school students practicing yoga are disciplined, study better, are tired less, are able to concentrate. As for physical gymnastics, the yogi harmoniously develops and strengthens all muscles of a body that is important for formation of a bearing and fight against a backbone curvature. And the correct breath promote expansion and strengthening of a thorax, and also oxygenate an organism, thereby improving health of the child in general.

To begin to practice yoga it is possible with the child of 7 - 8 years as asanas demand concentration, and kids still cannot do it. Duration of occupation should not exceed 15 - 20 minutes even if as it seems to you, the child is ready to continue studies. It is better to be engaged with the child in the form of game, so that it did not seem to him it is boring and uninteresting. For example, to call asanas language, simpler and clear for the child: small fish frog birdie etc. and to sentence: Let`s present that we are frogs or by the principle of the children`s game the sea worries a figure stand to tell: a figure in the form of a grasshopper stand previously having shown as this figure is carried out.

Exercises and poses of yoga are not similar to simple gymnastics therefore it will be interesting to child to try these or those exercises. When at it it turns out, he will rejoice and be proud of himself. Not in which case it is not necessary to press and demand on the child from it ideal realization of asanas. At it something can not turn out at the first stages and yours sticking in it misses or a sneer can simply frighten away him and beat off desire to be engaged further.

In order that the yoga brought to the child benefit and allowed to strengthen health, it is better to give it in a charge of the skilled instructor. But if you have no such opportunity, then you can begin to be engaged with it. For certain you will not be prevented by unloading after day of work too. And the more so that can be the best way of training as a good example!