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Whether it is so short century soap bubble? In due time Samuil Marshak sang of

short century a soap bubble in the poem:

Gather Waters of ordinary

In a glass -

We will Start up from soapsuds


The straw simple

Now will be taken by me in a mouth,

of Water in it will be involved by me,

Then slightly will blow

In a straw - and here,

Shining a smooth film,

Stretching in breadth,

Leaves gentle, thin,

the Painted bubble.

Burns as a tail peacock. What

of flowers in it is not present!

Lilac, red, blue,

Green, yellow color.

The sphere mumpish flies up,

Is more transparent than glass.

In it as though

Sparkle mirrors.

Fires on a scope

Plays an easy sphere.

in it the sea,

becomes blue in it the fire burns.

He, air inflated,

By air floats,

But also one minute

On light does not live.

Elegant, multi-colored,

It burst forever,

Blurred imperceptibly,

Thawed without trace.

And was such haughty,

Arrogant such!

Was praised that from

foam he Was born sea.

In it so many paints were,

Was such arrogance,

A it - waters and

soaps the Inflated mix.

I do not feel sorry for him...

To tell the truth,

Verses on it is longer than

of All life of a bubble!

But a soap bubble not only thin glory. So, the English scientific lord Calvin living in the 19th century told once: Blow a soap bubble and you look at it: you can be engaged all life in its studying, without ceasing to learn physics lessons from it . And this is true!

Thanks to such phenomenon as an interference (reflection of rays of light from its external and internal surfaces), the sphere from a soap film seems multi-colored.

And if to freeze a soap bubble, then it will become covered by the thinnest film similar to an egg shell. And that is remarkable if you throw such frozen sphere on a floor, then only the shell will break, and the soap bubble will remain safe.

And if to make experiment and to place a soap bubble over a torch, then the sphere can how right there to burst, and on your eyes to begin to decrease in sizes, thereby evaporating.

In our representation the soap bubble is short-lived. However by scientists it is proved that it, strictly speaking, is not true. James Dyyuar, the inventor all of the known flask for a thermos, tried " in due time; to preserve soap bubbles in special hermetic capacities. And that is surprising, they remained on a month and more there! And not so long ago, in one American laboratory set up a record " at all; lives a soap bubble - 340 days - nearly a year!

As for a form of a soap bubble, it is not always surely a sphere. Having pulled a soap film on frameworks, it can take the most inconceivable forms. Here both architects, and designers quite often use this property of a soap bubble for creation of an economic and steady design of a covering which can be created at the minimum consumption of material.

Very few people know that a relative of a soap bubble is the balloon which is used for exploring of weather and air travel.

Also bubbles, only water, use in mining industry. With their help carry out flotation - enrichment of mountain ores. So, bubbles in solution envelop parts of ore and lift it on a surface, and dead rock remains at the bottom.

Here such interesting and useful life at simple bubbles.