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It is possible to become from the emigrant the citizen?

my mother went to America, to be exact to North America, even, more precisely, to Boston (12 years ago) not from good life. I remained here.

Of course, not on the street and the father who left us 3 years ago, sometimes, but remembered. Money was enough for payment of utilities and for food.

A to me 17!!!

However, the same father, after my call helped to arrive on legal. In three years and my mother remembered me. It appeared, life arrived with it abruptly.

With me did not joke too.

Well, generally talked - on - to the Internet - decided that we love, we remember each other that our interaction will happen by money transfers and lines on an elektronka so far.

in 2 years my mother became the citizen of this darling, the free country - America.

the Issue of my wellbeing was resolved simply - after institute I leave on the new homeland.

After three years of my loneliness, my mother on correspondence became me such close and native.

of Nonsense - mother is mother.

At institute love as it is necessary Last year The diploma

does not want to Leave any more. A dilemma - mother and darling, the homeland - others country, friends - new acquaintances, Ukrainian - and English.

But, there is no escaping fate. My darling at institute won the Green card. We got married, my mother sponsored tickets, prophesied us bright future at the end of the tunnel.

I here America. To be exact Boston. Why more precisely? Because in 5 years (I run forward), which we lived there, English could not be learned. It was a rarity.

At mother we refused to live as all young families, wanted the corner.

the higher legal education Means, to nobody necessary abroad.

I began

Washing of ware, plant on production of canned food, a coffee house, restaurant, office - the manager.

The became better my English, the more I worked at a new position as the head, but not hands.

Ya the clerk in law firm and in only 5 years. I carry pieces of paper from the first floor on 6 - y. I go to courts, I study, I look narrowly.

With mother of the relation is worse and worse. She wants to help, worries. We want to be independent and too we worry. After all at distance we were more native.

Leisure does not develop - I was arrested for a beer bottle which I bore home without package. As in soul I am a lawyer, tried to argue - received: not respect for guards of the law. And there and I have a court already the first conditional criminal record. A trifle, but it is pleasant. Solved with the husband, he had a career ladder poukhabisty, to return. Money already podsobrat.

Thought we will arrive, Ukraine bread - salt will meet. Here to you Ukraine - the American millionaires (5 years saved, plowed) the apartment, the car, work. Ugu`s


of the Apartment began to be three times more expensive, to live in the car cold and uncomfortablly, and the lawyer do not hire too. There is no experience, 5 years of a break after institute.

I here

the American I did not become, the Ukrainian did not become any more. I work office - the manager in the Greek company part time, for half-rates as the system administrator. The apartment was taken on credit, I dream of the car. leisure

you know


And so the emigrant I became, the citizen of any country to me to become heavy. And here if to choose a nationality, then it is simpler: on mother - I am Armenian, on the father - the Belarusian, in soul I am Ukrainian, and the head already almost the American.