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How to send a favourite fur coat to vacation?

So, your beauty and pride served to you belief and the truth everything winter months. Warmed in cold weather, caressed the gentle fur, attracted delighted looks of men and envious looks of women... Well, came it is time to pay with a favourite fur coat for such gentle care and to adequately send it to summer vacation that and in the next winter your beauty did not bring.

Quality of a fur coat directly depends on wear of fur. The percent of wear of fur is higher than , the longer it will not fade, will be wiped or will grow bald, that easier she will transfer a sleet and a crush of public transport. At the same time is estimated softness, density, gloss and color of fur, durability at stretching of kozhevy fabric, existence of defects. Leaders in this rating an otter, a beaver, a seal, a sable - they will serve you from 12 to 20 seasons. The mink, a raccoon, a polar fox, astrakhan fur, a fox, a muskrat will please you till 6 - 10 season. And here from a rabbit, the hare and a little squirrel of much you should not wait, their maximum service life - 2 - 3 seasons, the benefit, and the price of such fur it is small...

I think, you did not restrain the fur beauty in everyday leaving: dried at the room temperature far from heating devices, allocated enough place in the dark, aired case, used wooden hangers with a wide coat hanger, in time combed (only not astrakhan fur!) rare metal hairbrush internal parts of sleeves... And yet not smothered favourite deodorants, varnishes, tobacco smoke and exhaust gases; did not pin brooches, did not break pile heavy bags through a shoulder or the shawls and scarfs thrown over fur... Generally, cared and cherished the fur coat as the whimsical beauty.

In this case it is a lot of efforts farewell for vacation will not deliver.

Stir up a fur coat, examine whether it burned out, whether cleaning or coloring is necessary, whether any defects appeared, whether the lining is whole. To check, the fur is how polluted, blow on it: if formed from it crater long does not finish, it is time in a dry-cleaner. At small pollution put a fur coat on a damp sheet and accurately beat a bamboo cane. It is possible to comb fur only a rare metal brush then to walk on it a dry hair brush. You remember, the polluted fur is subject to damage by a moth more . At detection of any defects you make repair at once, do not postpone for fall or winter. It is necessary to change a lining time in 2 - 3 years.

It is necessary to store a fur coat in the spacious aired case, away from jackets, a coat, colored bellows. The fur coat is afraid not only moths, but also preparations of protection against it therefore it is impossible to sprinkle nothing fur, and it is better to put means from a moth in a pocket and under a collar, it is possible to sprinkle also a cover. Use modern antimolevy preparations. In case of their absence and under a collar put the naphthalene which is sewn up in a gauze in pockets of a fur coat or use old kind folk remedies ( dry orange-peels, tobacco leaves, the dried-up branches of a wormwood, the tributary, a tansy, mint or a lavender ).

It is impossible to strew fur coats with naphthalene! For storage cannot use polyethylene covers (the fur coat has to breathe), take made of cloth or paper, and it is possible just to cover it with a sheet, but faces packing it will be convinced that the fur coat is dried well up. Covers have to be dark or black color, and for light bellows - is dark - blue, it will not allow fur to turn yellow. Consider that fur products is allowed to store at a temperature over +23 C and relative humidity of air over 65% no more than 6 months. Therefore approximately - three months to air a fur coat that fur breathed with the same frequency it is worth changing also anti-molar preparations.

You do not store fur things in chests or suitcases - the fur is rumpled, and zaloma are formed. If the fur is polluted strongly, do not look for folk remedies as that: gasoline, peroxide, solvent... Do not risk, entrust this business to experts especially as many salons refuse a guarantee for a fur product in the presence of visible traces of nonprofessional cleaning. As the slogan of one elite dry-cleaner, says if you afforded a fur coat at the price of the decent car, then allow it to spend summer in the specialized fur refrigerator. It is really a piece of good advice if the cost of your fur coat is comparable to the helicopter price; there the necessary temperature and humidity of air is maintained.

Here such simple operations need to be performed in the spring when sending your favourite for deserved rest. And then you will be able to sport in a smart fur coat next winter again, to dement men and to try to catch delighted looks of the most captious women of fashion!