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Car and automobile sign: what is known of their emergence?

mean the Car in translation from Greek self-moving . Today it is the most popular and widespread mechanical vehicle. Their production is arranged for a long time and has conveyor character. Annually millions of beautiful cars on different taste and a purse descend from such conveyors. Various exhibitions, contests where large players of a car business compete both in design ideas, and in the steepness of a stuffing of the car are staged. And let`s remember how everything began.


of Attempt to create the self-moving vehicle became even more than two hundred years ago.

So, in Russia in 80 - e years of the 18th century the famous inventor Kulibin I. P.

B 1769 - 1770 the French inventor of N. Zh worked years on creation of such vehicle. Kyunyo constructed the first-ever steam three-wheeled tractor for movement of artillery pieces. Invented Kyunyo`s cart consider as the predecessor not only the car, but also the engine.

Later steam vehicles began to build both in England, and in France and in Russia attempts of their construction were made. However vehicles were inconvenient and heavy in use therefore they did not gain special distribution.

Gave to development of automotive industry emergence of an internal combustion engine. Easy, compact and it is enough for those times powerful, it opened ample opportunities for development of mechanical engineering.

In 1885 the German inventor G. Daymler creates the first motorcycle with the petrol engine, and in 1886 the German inventor K. Benz takes out the patent for the three-wheeled car.

Here is how time in those days industrial production of cars in Germany and in France also began.

In 1892 the first car was constructed by the world famous American inventor Henry Ford who founded the largest automobile corporation subsequently.

And here in Russia began to build the first cars only several years prior to World War I. And the first Soviet car was released only in 1924.

the First car with registration plate passed automobile signs on streets of Berlin in 1901. On its plate only three signs were represented: IA1 . This car belonged to the large businessman Rudolf Gertsogu. And only years later on one of solemn dinners one reporter took an interest at R. Gertsoga about what was meant by these three letters in his automobile sign.

It turned out that the letters I and A are initials of his former bride - Ioganna Anker`s , and unit he wanted to tell that it was the first and only. Here such romantic history was connected with the first registration plate on the car.

With growth of number of cars, and also numbers dorozhno - transport incidents, there was a need to number cars. Now the state number is without fail assigned to each car. Though there are also fans instead of number to fasten plates with names, or in other words, such as: Dashing Lapulya etc.