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The best melodramas of Hollywood? Of course, Gone with the Wind !

Once the schoolmate on my question Which of heroes of the movie Gone with the Wind it is pleasant to it more - Rhett or Ashley Wilks? answered: I do not know, I did not look. And did not read the book . I was dumbfounded! How it? Unless there is at least one person on the earth who did not see this great movie?

I watched it instead of fairy tales in the childhood, thinking that this cinema about princesses and princes. I watched it at teenage age - the cartridge with the movie Gone with the Wind was the first videotape which I bought as soon as I had a videorecorder. And then it was the first DVD - a disk which to me was presented to brand new DVD - a player.

And here now I was faced by the girl who not only did not watch the movie, but even does not know about the one who such Scarlett O`Hara and Rhett Butler, Ashley Wilks and Melanie Hamilton. It is inconceivable!

What arguments to give it that she immediately watched this outstanding film? It is so difficult to surprise the modern cinema-goer. And even if I will tell it that the movie collected 8 awards Oscar from possible 13, it it will hardly impress, behind examples " Titanic; and Lord of the Rings .

What for the movie? - she asked me then, and I became puzzled. Probably from what could not solve what to begin with. All color cinema ", one may say, began With this movie; - I told. Also added: This movie shot in 1939, Big America, in fact, saw only in 1998 .

How so? The matter is that the all-American demonstration of the movie was opposed by the Legion of Followers of Catholic Church. They considered that the movie in which are shown low moral foundations of the main characters, the decomposing example of degradation of society, a violence scene and excessive lasciviousness has no right to be shown in America. Under their pressure the movie could be shown to the viewer at the limited number of movie theaters and in limited time. And summer of 1998 movie for the first time (!!!) left in the all-American hire without restrictions.

It is necessary to tell, the huge number of the most different funny things and sad mystical coincidence is connected with the movie. For example, seldom in the history of cinema it is possible to meet the movie which would be shot without scenario. In this case quite so also it turned out, the final scenario was finished in breaks between shootings in the last film-making day on January 26, 1939 . Shooting began when also the final cast was not created.

Moreover, the actress for the leading female role was not claimed. Vivien Leigh who till today is associated at the audience of the whole world continuously from Scarlett O`Hara`s image received this role which brought to it Oscar absolutely incidentally. Moreover, in a scene of escape of Scarlett and Rhett from the burning Atlanta (the first finished shooting movie scene) plays not Vivien Leigh who at that moment still did not even assume that she will act in this movie. The name of the actress rushing together with Clark Gable by a quarter of the flaring scenery on horses remained to unknown.

One more interesting moment in the history of the movie: probably, it is the only case when the author of work who thought up the hero was dissatisfied with what the whole world of this hero adores. Margaret Mitchell, author of the novel Gone with the Wind it was unpleasantly struck when after a release of the novel and the movie the whole world literally idolized Scarlett O`Hara and everything that is connected with her.

And when someone from journalists took an interest whether from herself Margaret Mitchell drew the Scarlett, the writer quite sharply answered: Scarlett is a prostitute, I do not! I tried to describe not the delightful woman about whom it is possible to tell a little good I find ridiculous and ridiculous that Ms. O`Hara became something like the national heroine, I think that it is very nasty for a moral and intellectual condition of the nation - if the nation is capable to applaud and be fond of the woman who behaved in this way .

Nevertheless, Vivien Leigh as Scarlett Margaret Mitchell very much was pleasant. And the director, David O. Selznik understood that Vivien Leigh - that: She fervently looked at me from - under hats, and I understood that I caught Scarlett O`Hara`s eye . And here he, by the way, paltered a little. The matter is that Vivien Leigh sent the photos in flowers and pensive surroundings among other 1400 candidates to a casting. And to it it was refused.

And then Vivienne decided not to be content with refusal and to be personally on a shooting stage. Here then - that she also presented to the director of future film masterpiece that look which decided destiny of the movie. All say that Vivien Leigh is obliged by the popularity To the Carried-away " winds; she was just lucky that she acted in this movie, actually it To Gone with the Wind it was lucky that Vivien Leigh " played in them; - I do not know who the author of these words, but quite agrees with it.

Clark Gable as Rhett Butler, of course, too out of competition. Having bypassed Ronald Coleman, Gary Cooper, Fredrik March, Basil Retboun and Errol Flynn, he managed to embody on that Rhett`s screen what we also imagined, reading the book. Ridiculously, but the fact - no novel between actors Vivien Leigh and Klarkom Geyblom, shown to the whole world the most sincere and expressive love story, happened. Each of them during that time and on for the rest of the life had their only man and the woman.

All images in Gone with the Wind deserve that to tell about them. But also you should not tell about them, by and large, - it should be looked only. There is a huge number of those to whom this movie is not pleasant. Who does not like Scarlett performed by Vivien Leigh, Rhett performed by Clark Gable, to Melanie performed by Olivia de Hevillend though, freankly speaking, I do not imagine how she can not be pleasant. And at the same time even among rigid critics of the movie the percent of those who read the book only after its viewing is great. And it is one more argument in favor of a film masterpiece.

Among phrases from the book and the movie which became popular, popular expressions Scarlett`s promise to think " is most often provided usually; about it tomorrow . Very indicative this dialogue seems to me:

- Sir, you not the gentleman!

- As well as you, Ms., not the lady.

I then told the schoolmate that, in my opinion, Gone with the Wind just about these people: about Not gentlemen and Not lady and about that, as they live and love, achieve the objectives sometimes in the incorrect ways, make mistakes and regret them, study as them. And still the movie that with the termination of the world and an era of Gentlemen and Lady Ladies and Gentlemen do not come to an end.

I often think that each of us has here such here world which is carried away by wind. And for this purpose it is not necessary to be either the soldier of army of Confederation, or the pirate, or the Irish land owner. At everyone whose years go, leaving behind Tara or Atlanta, a Petersburg court yard or samanny house on the edge of the Kuban village, everyone has memories of what once was about what so painfully aches in heart and that any more will never return the wind which carried away all this. But it already so, lyrical digression.