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Apartment renovation. What to begin with? We Will begin

with the fact that repair to repair discord. One business - to re-stick wall-paper in a hall, and absolutely another - to create a cozy and convenient interior in a new building with naked walls. If in the first case it is possible to cope by own forces, then in the second - it is simple not to do without professionals.

Repair, as well as any other serious undertaking, it is worth planning carefully to avoid a senseless overexpenditure of time, money and nerves.

So, we will talk about repair complex.

That to plan it, you first of all need to define planning of future room. It is better to make similar decisions jointly, considering opinions of all family members and the principles of functional zoning. For this purpose it is necessary to think of where you will have berths where you are going to receive guests where children etc. will play.

After that it is worth designing future interior and to make project documentation where all materials with which each room will get off will be included, considering their cost, durability and compatibility.

You can try to make it independently, to entrust design to the foreman who will carry out finishing works, or to ask for the help studios of interior design.

In the first case you will initially save some quantity of money, but you should go a trial and error method, and they when carrying out repair cost a pretty penny . Here to you and mistakes with the material choice (under the influence of financially interested foreman or the seller wishing to sell the goods), and incorrectly calculated volumes (bringing or to resale of your material at half price to neighbors, or to shortage of one plitochka from the collection brought under the order from Italy), and payment of any alterations (when in thoughts it seemed that it will turn out well, and it turned out as always). Therefore if you have no experience in carrying out repair work, at once address the people who spent years of life for professional education.

It is possible to try to entrust design to future operator, but it is necessary to represent accurately that as a result you receive banal repair from the category let`s change floors, windows, doors and we will buy a sofa . In case decide to address services of the designer - the architect, it is possible to say that as a result you receive a stylish, functional and interesting interior.

After design - the project is made, visualized and approved, start drawing up the estimate.

The estimate consists of two sections - sheets of the consumption of materials and cost of works. And the first part of the sheet has to reflect expenses separately: partitions, floors, ceilings, walls, apertures, windows, doors, electrician, plumber, balcony... It becomes for simplification of control over expenses. The second part consists of the list of materials for preliminary and finishing works. Here construction mixes, assembly elements, paints, wall-paper enter.

The second section of the estimate - the cost of works. It makes about 30 percent from repair cost. Do not forget to consider such imperceptible trifles as carrying out of garbage, hanging of eaves, laying of plinths.

Estimates will give invaluable help to you in drawing up (if you decide to do it independently) or check (if you entrust this business to the foreman):

1) the list of works enclosed to design - to the project;

2) a form of drawing up the estimate which can easily be found in the Internet;

3) a price - a leaf of the organization to which you decide to address.

The choice of contractors is a subject of separate conversation. In brief it is possible to tell that surely it is worth watching photos of the objects executed by the organization and to attentively listen to opinion of your designer because who as not he is interested in quality of the carried-out repair.

Correctly made estimate and design - the project will help you to approach the organizational moments rationally.

For example, materials for repair it is desirable to buy in one place: it is possible to receive a good discount and to save money on delivery. Previously having studied all actions and special offers of the organizations for sale of building materials, the estimate can also be reduced. It is desirable to plan delivery of materials to object in advance to avoid idle times.

And in general, do not hesitate to ask... Yours the foreman and the designer can give a great lot of useful tips thanks to which repair from a terrible animal will turn into a tender kitten.