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Passed a role of Martial Art for the modern society

Sword Time, time of the modern weapon came to its place. The role of the certain person in fight is small, hand-to-hand fight receded far into the background. The modern person whose activity is far from law enforcement agencies prefers to improve skill of possession of a pen and a computer mouse. Even it is necessary to resort to banal self-defense less frequently and not professionals, but alcoholics, addicts or people with mental disorders attack people in most cases. And if owing to your kind of activity, the social status or some other the reasons the probability of attack on you is rather high, then it is much more rational to employ the qualified protection, to put security systems or just to get a gas spray. However popularity of various clubs propagandizing occupations by martial arts does not fall, and grows day by day. Let`s understand in what a secret of this phenomenon, these clubs, and what their role are how necessary for modern society.

The modern person is simply locked in invisible prison of social foundations. He lives according to the schedule, he goes to bed at the same time, wakes up under an alarm clock, goes to work along the same route day by day, and at work is engaged in the same routine work which far not favorably influences its mental stability. For example, the visitor of shop in which you work literally walks about you, and you cannot tell anything though the soul asks justice. You vigorously smile to each passer though the fatigue knocks down. You patiently listen to reprimands from the administration, perfectly understanding, as so do the work to the limit. You with pleasure would give up this work, but know that another is not present. Sometimes hunting it is simple to cry, but what will think of you? To escape, but where? Such opposition of what you do also what you would like to make causes a stress. Here also one of the reasons why the part of people chooses Martial Arts as a hobby is covered though the majority habitually gets rid of the collected emotions, swearing at the spouse, clapping doors and breaking ware. On occupations it is possible to forget about everyday routine, there it is possible to forget about the social status, at training all are equal. And the most important, it is boundless an effective emotional discharge. Within separate tasks and exercises you can let out all the internal affects. You can shout and not think that will think of you, can beat and not constrain the force. From this point of view the Martial Art acts as the instrument of restoration of mental balance.

On the other hand, as well as sport, occupations by Martial Arts lift the general tone, such qualities as force, reaction speed, endurance, attention develop and, in the majority, render notable improving effect on an organism of engaged. People whose work is reduced, generally to cerebration prefer occupations by Martial Arts as means for maintenance of physical shape and the general tone. Within similar requirements some clubs and schools work in the highly specialized directions, focusing attention only on aspects of Martial Art, necessary for achievement of the above-stated purposes.

At once there is a question why people choose martial arts, but not any sports suitable for these purposes? The matter is that competitions and sporting achievements are the cornerstone of any sport. Give to sport since the early childhood, all physiology of the child is reconstructed under the chosen sport. Development of children in sport indirectly fades into the background, and on the first - their achievements lifting reputation and schools and the trainer. Sport is given life. And if you the adult having a family and work it is rather difficult to find sports section where you will be accepted. It is possible to register in some gym, but, despite notable effect, most of people considers such occupations boring. Occupations by Martial Arts find interesting the majority. They are not brought together only to performance of objectives, and open for you new sides of your personality, allow to plunge into the world of culture and traditions of that country what they treat.

Here we also approached what role is played by martial arts for the person and for society. They allow to develop the physical and mental qualities, emotional stability, and also skills of self-defense. But first of all, they form in the person a certain internal core, tranquility of a tiger, sensibleness and a commitment to excellence in any business which it undertakes. Unlimited opportunities of self-expression give Zantiya and, respectively, lead to creative development of the personality. At the same time, as the culture of Martial Art is comprehended by the person, he also becomes part of Culture of the world, realizes the true importance of traditions and a just way of life. With each bow on occupations in the person the part of what is not enough for all of us in modern society - respect is put. Respect for the mentors, for the partners, for the place where he lives and works, to the world surrounding it. The true soldier will preach good and mutual respect and to fight against ignorance and rudeness, thereby changing the world surrounding him and doing it it is better not only for himself, but also for surrounding people. The martial art is an integral part of World Culture, and is not a hobby or hobby, but the way of life seeking for transformation of surrounding reality to the best.