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Slavic Velez and Greek Prometheus: what between them the general?

would Seem, these characters belonging to different mythological traditions are absolutely unlike and incomparable with each other. But if to look narrowly more fixedly, then it can turn out that at them much similar. Let`s try to understand?

In - the first, the Old Slavic pagan deity by the name of Velez (or the Hair) was considered closely connected with the earth and its subsoil. But also the titan Prometheus is not less closely connected both with Earth, and with life on it.

Velez in a pantheon of Slavic gods was responsible for wellbeing of people, during a harvest on fields (To Velez on a small beard left the last sheaf at a harvest), and not for nothing he was called - skoty god as he knew an issue and health of the living creatures which were available in economy.

In contracts of the Russian princes with Byzantium it corresponded to gold as in the sphere of a velesov of influence there was also a wealth. And Prometheus? He taught people to crafts and farming including to cattle breeding.

But not only our far ancestors gave with economic functions Velez. In Tale of Igor`s Campaign pesnotvorets the Bayan is called Velesovy grandson i.e. meant that this god patronized art, in particular, to poets and musicians. But also Prometheus was a pioneer of the cultural benefits of mankind which made possible achievements of a civilization: he, according to ancient Greeks, taught people to reading, the letter and the account.

Cunning and resourceful Velez was repeatedly noticed behind deception of heavenly gods, but was famous for the same and conceiving before the expecting Prometheus. Besides, Velez admitted quality of the patron and a connector of tribes as, however, and Prometheus uniting lines divine patron tribe.

Velez differed in independent situation from inhabitants of heaven and the expressed htonichesky nature. Prometheus - too. Hiding from the Thunderer Perun, Velez as was considered, was capable to be installed in the person and allegedly was an ancestor or the creator of people. But also Prometheus acts as their creator, let and in other geographic latitudes. According to the most ancient version it molded people from the earth and allocated them with consciousness.

Both characters resist to gods - gromovnik: Velez - to Perun, Prometheus - to Zeus. And both struggle with the Supreme gods by means of cunning. According to Geziodu, for example, resourceful mind Prometheus deceived the Olympic lord, having deprived him at the section of a bull. Heavenly lords answer opponents with force, and lightnings - Perun`s arrows are called perunitsa, and at Zeus the same weapon is called... perunam.

And if Velez steals at the powerful opponent cows, goddesses (in either case - as benefit carriers), and he brings the production to Earth, and Prometheus steals from the Sky wise ability Hephaestus to crafts, Athena has a wisdom, and all this together with fire gives on the earth to people, i.e. brings them the benefits.

At last, Velez was cruelly punished by the got angry Thunderer who used the stone arrows, and Prometheus, as we know, was chained to the rock, i.e. a boulder. Here is how there are a lot of crossings, it appears, it is possible to find in images of so not similar characters of mythological history.