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Why to the person monogamy? Ridiculously, ridiculously, recklessly, madly, magically...

to Neither sense, nor use, nor in a harmony, inattentively Absolutely

Again, again calibrate with algebra harmony, but as a result, apparently, we can lose all these words, especially - magically . Whether loss is big? For whom as.

As if someone wanted to think of a monogamy as about a trite prejudice or a general mass hallucination - it is. The provident nature always tried to diversify itself so that the most part of already existing survived.

It in our household consciousness the monogamy - is natural. But for some reason it strongly surprises scientists - biologists who do not cease to build hypotheses from where is - the life model went such, inconvenient at first sight.

The most important question without which not to do: well why we are bisexual? We are a considerable part living on the earth. Still plainly there is no definite answer. Why don`t we be cloned, not to gemmate - how many cares from shoulders! At the same time and a civilization, most likely, too from shoulders. Tu in which we, anyway, with variable success stay.

In this respect there is a set of theories, the majority of which have the right for existence. Main - need to mix genes to resist diseases and to adapt to the new changing circumstances. At same-sex existence it is difficult to survive: here now with tomatoes in Ireland it is bad, the Panama bananas have big problems. And all because there is no sexual division there. Grades are, and there is no floor.

And as, at least, in sexual distinctions we definitely not bananas, we survive as a look, on pleasure to, breeding since ancient times in the way familiar to us.

Right there is a question: it would be more favorable to extend and stir the genes, scattering them as it is possible further and all-embracing, - would be even healthier. But also there is an answer, quite scientific, without lyrics. Where cost weight of cultivation of posterity is very high, there the fauna gravitates to monogamy. And human cubs grow slowly, long. And, though puberty happens quickly enough, the intellectual and emotional sphere do not keep up with it. Not to mention a social component.

Another thing is that as it is represented to me, a civilization intentionally prolongs the adolescence and youth, pulls nearly to the thirtieth anniversary. It is connected, most likely, with the hidden or obvious unemployment. And let children study so much how many it is necessary. But think though in some historical period there was a teenage subculture? Moreover in such scales

To all other, all note that duration of parental care of posterity fairly grew. And the motherhood tends to last and the father long enough somewhere nearby is present and participates (at best). Notice, these are not my inventions, it is sounded by the western universities. That is institutions of those countries in which the youth, in the standard opinion, early enough gets used to independence. In a word, the longer cubs remain helpless (in quotes or without), the communications between partners are steadier.

And with some humour say also that the modern man in some way violently it is cast in a monogamy, owing to the fact that it would be extremely difficult to it to protect all the territories and all the women. Neither time, nor forces.

Certainly, the way of life of representatives of the Christian world is described, without concerning historically developed family models in the Muslim world. But and there: you will not support - not to see to you a harem.

And in this question assumptions become: all live has quite flexible nature. Even those birds who are known as exclusively monogamous not always uphold the reputation. It appears, about 15% of baby birds are raised not by the fathers and who incidentally flew and seized the opportunity strangers. But, notice, not just flew and used, and as the honest bird, raises foreign chickabiddies

in general, in fauna only 5% of types will organize constant couples of partners. However, as it became clear, in this case couple literally enjoys - the hormonal system works to the full extent and on the relation to each other, and in relation to cubs. All cunning in oxytocin about which it was already written. And now here it became clear that the same hormone influences feeling of trust. Checked: the person inhales oxytocin - and at once trusts other people more Even the look changes at women. Well where to us without trust? Hard.

What brought us a two-cavity? Yes the most part of what we call our human civilization.

That brought to mankind " project; monogamy? Here the science at the moment claims unambiguously: possibility of a survival of posterity of difficult animals. Plus provided a certain deal in the form of pleasure hormones. If to consider monogamous love from the point of view of modern science (and also a header song), it is not so ridiculous (well unless sometimes, and it is very touching), is not ridiculous at all, is not reckless at all, definitely is not mad, both the sense, and use in it is. Here inattentively and not in a harmony, probably, it happens... And about magic - everyone solves.

And it is even unimportant whether from the first time you found the monogamy and it is not even so important whether there were in it children. But - r about a dnost, trust, heat, light - acquisitions considerable. From the point of view of not science, ourselves.