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Why the largest festival of kites takes place in China?

For the first time kites appeared in China in the period of the Warring states (475 - 221) about 2000 years ago. They were called muyuan also were made of a tree. With the invention of paper also kites " appeared; chzhiyuan .

Initially kites were used only in the military purposes. By means of such adaptation it was possible to give a signal, to distribute propaganda leaflets over a rate of the enemy and even to send the intelligence agent for inspection of the enemy territory (some snakes were so great that maintained human weight).

With coming to power of a dynasty of Tan (618 - 907) when the country began to prosper and to develop steadily, kites began to use as entertainment. In these times to kites bamboo levels which during flight published the melodious ring reminding sounds of a traditional Chinese string instrument - Zheng began to fix. Therefore ever since to this day Chinese call kites precisely of fenchzhen - wind Zheng . Sometimes instead of bamboo tubules to snakes rubber or silk strips which also make not less beautiful musical sounds fix.

Over time art of production and start of kites extended worldwide. Initially kites were used in the form of entertainment, however they inspired some scientists on development of aircraft on the basis of their designs. It is considered that brothers Wright created the piloted plane, the first in the history of mankind, which could fly up, after experiments with kites. Therefore the Chinese kite with the memorable plate which says hangs on a wall of one of halls of the National museum of aeronautics and space (Washington, the USA): The Chinese kites and the " rockets were the First aircraft;.

Traditional art of production and start in the sky of the Chinese kites is very more ancient and was improved throughout many centuries. Real masters of this business say that for creation of a good dragon needs to follow four basic rules:

1. To make the correct frame which has to correspond to rules of symmetry that will allow both parties of a kite to support balance on wind, so to soar highly in the sky in beautiful flight.

2. To choose the correct covering and to accurately paste it to a frame as the surface of a dragon has to be faultlessly pure and smooth. As a covering usually use paper, however better, and beautiful the silk covering is reliable.

3. To draw bright accurate drawing which has to be swept up from long distance. At mass production drawing is applied on paper before fixing on a frame, however according to traditions it is necessary to paint a snake manually after fixing of a covering on a frame.

4. It is correct to start a kite in the sky, continuously monitoring its flight and regulating the angle of sliding downwind.

Kites are divided into two main types : with rigid and soft wings. Snakes with rigid wings can soar at very strong wind and fly up much above others while snakes with soft wings highly do not fly up, however can fly very far.

Besides, depending on the design, design and drawings represented on their surface, kites share on more, than 300 different types. In China there is a huge number of various schools, each of which has the original and unique style. Tianjin, Weifang to provinces of Shangdu, Sichuan and Guandon are the most known Beijing.

Annually during the period from April 20 to April 25 in Weifang there takes place the National festival of kites on which participants from around the world gather. Within several days it is possible to see thousands of various dragons of surprising designs with the most various drawings and plots here. Each participant tries to make the most original and unusual dragon therefore when in the sky hundreds of multi-colored figures with bright tails fly up - it is really surprising and unforgettable show.

By the way, Chinese consider that the kite which is released in the sky takes away with itself all misfortunes and diseases of the owner. So when you feel that life goes wrong way and there is a wish for changes to the best, try to fly a kite. It will also not solve perhaps all problems, but the sea of positive emotions will present surely.