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What needs to be thought over, beginning repair?

As often we want changes, we and see new clothes for the nest, but... What to begin with? And how to be if repair is required not so cosmetic and the heavy artillery is necessary?

Right at the beginning it is necessary to be defined: as where will be under repair. If it is bathroom - to change bathroom equipment or not if the kitchen - whether changes a tile (special article of an expense - very powerful on money) and a floor covering.

Usually begin with door / window blocks - works dirty and expensive. And if to put door boxes, then not to remove a film from doors until the end of repair - they can be scratched from works.

Conducting - it is necessary to think over to hard putty of walls since to punch grooves is very dusty work (it is necessary to do at most laid floor!) .

The following stage - a ceiling. Here everything depends on financial opportunities, but it is better to employ nevertheless the expert and already according to his advice to pick up materials, will see a difference at once - will last for a long time and will make better much more. If the ceiling in a bathroom obviously threatens with big expenses - better to buy a ceiling tile - the huge choice for reasonable price, keep long and roughnesses hide.

The most expensive places in the apartment - kitchen and a bathtub. If repair thorough, you do not stint - change (if the house not really new) pipes. In - the first, it will be possible to clean their bathroom accurately in a box and to arrange under the washing machine (too an important point!). In kitchen it is possible accurately to make everything too - under a sink or besides the car. At once think over where the sink has to be!

Tile.... it is necessary to beat off old to the maximum. To put it it is better to entrust the expert too (in advance stipulate terms and the sum of all work entirely!) . But it is possible also - if is to whom to advise - beginning from mix and a zatirka, finishing with equipment of the calculation. If a tile to you - it is heavy and expensive, it is better to use its substitutes. Yes, it happens! These are big sheets of special material (a hardboard + a special covering from plastic) in which the drawing " is pressed through; under a tile . There is all pleasure till 1000 r (a leaf quite big), and is established in general quickly - on liquid nails (glue).

Wall-paper. Depends on means, but it is better to buy on a flizelinovy basis. The counter is that they should not be smeared with glue - to smear only a wall. It will allow to avoid bubbles and distortions. Still wall-paper will not be torn at a namokaniye. If on kitchen, then blamed better. If little children like to draw on walls - to a certain number of times it will be possible to wash wall-paper with soap!

Floors - too on finance. But cheap linoleum will fade, be wiped (drawing descends) and to awfully change color at operation. From sharp objects of traces should not remain.

Bathroom equipment - alas, the more expensively, the better. The easy bathtub will rattle from water, and enamel can be chopped off from the fallen glass. The tank has to be good too - the cheap ceramics from cold water mists over and the perspiration drips on a floor - it is awful, nothing can be made!

From the equipment: to hollow walls and to put conducting is a puncher. To drill - the drill is necessary. Furniture to collect and to fasten shurupchik - the screw gun or a set of screw-drivers. And also - nippers, passatizh, gloves (will surely be useful!), goggles, brushes of the different sizes. Packages for garbage of the biggest size! - be not too lazy to get the vacuum cleaner, even the most old will save plenty of time. Sealants, glue, adhesive tape construction.

Perhaps we as did not consider, but listed the main details.

of Good luck!