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What movies can be introduced in the " collection; The Best melodramas of Hollywood ? Our life without cinema to present

very difficult. It seems sometimes that some of people around even try to build own life, the personal relations, career, leaning on samples from separate movies. And as the leader of world cinematography is still Hollywood, and lives many of us study only according to the Hollywood movies.

I too very much love cinema. As it is easy to guess, movies I prefer romantic, kind comedies and good family melodramas. Once having aimed to collect the best melodramas in the house collection, I on the Internet came across a rating which made the American institute of cinema. The list was made of hundred best melodramas shot in Hollywood for all history of its existence. Understanding that you should not form the house collection of movies, leaning only on any ratings, it was very useful to study this list.

In general, similar ratings, it appears, there is very much, and a difference only in number of points and in epithets - 20 best melodramas 15 great melodramas 10 melodramas of all times and people . Even ours Komsomolskaya Pravda offered an own rating with which, as well as with all others, there were many persons interested to argue.

Moreover, I conducted also the survey on one of social networks of the RuNet, regarding what movies should be introduced in the " collection; The Best melodramas of Hollywood . Answers of participants of a network were not various, but that is interesting, the few from the called movies coincide with those which are given by the American institute of cinema. It is quite logical as the last " award ceremony; Oscar (2009) showed that opinions of the audience and critics coincide extremely seldom.

And then, many of us under the concept melodrama mean the movie about love, and, it is desirable, unfortunate. But the melodrama as Wikipedia testifies, is a genre of fiction, theater and cinema which works open the inner and sensual world of heroes in especially bright emotional circumstances on the basis of contrasts: good and evil, love and hatred, etc. .

The American film experts called the best melodrama the movie Casablanca with Hemfri Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. Our compatriots who were taking part in poll never called this movie. But a majority of votes of ordinary kinolyub of the Russian Internet movies " deserved; The Phantom of the Opera Beauty and Ghost .

Also the fact that the American film academicians did not enter any movie which is shot in recent years in the list is very indicative. What it speaks about? I think, that such list should not be single. Possibly, it is necessary to reconsider constantly it as there are bases to hope, as modern directors can shoot movies, worthy not only take the place in such list, but even to take the top places of a rating.

The Russian fans of melodramas called also movies Better does not happen with Jack Nicholson, Diaries of memory and Rain man . Were among preferred and movies absolutely fresh, such as Between heaven and earth Get acquainted, Joe Blek and even the new movie " ignored by film academy; Mysterious history of Benjamin Batton .

Having got acquainted with these ratings, I came to a conclusion that in the collection it is worth leaving only those movies which there is a wish to revise more and more time. Besides, very many pearls world cinema passed somehow by me, the majority of names of movies of the " list; the best are absolutely unfamiliar to me. In fact, I saw only the movie Dirty dances appeared in the list on the 92nd place, Gone with the Wind taken " silver; rating, Ghost from the 19th place, the movie Beauty from 21 places, " Titanic; which appeared only on the 37th place, and Not Sleeping Beauties in Seattle - place 45. You understand, is what to aspire to.

And what movies would bring in the " collection; The Best melodramas of Hollywood you?