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How to protect the Internet - the account? Logins and passwords of

there was to me recently very unpleasant case. From several of my partner programs money for others Internet - a purse was withdrawn. , naturally, I could not return Money, but carried out the careful analysis of a situation and found out that these all hacked the partnerok was stored on one of my mailboxes. It is clear, that someone picked up the password, quietly came into my accounts (with my login and the password) and transferred money to the Internet - a purse. Partnerki which data were not stored on this mailbox did not suffer.

As to make that it did not repeat?

Here several simple of rules .

1. the Password during our information era is a same identity card. Correct password speaks to system of protection that you are you, but not someone another. Therefore, it is necessary to select difficult passwords.

Here statistical data on time of breaking of passwords which I found on demand in Google breaking of the password :

Password of the " type; 123456 or qwerty . Yes, such password is easily remembered, but is selected manual selection approximately in 5 minutes. By the way, such passwords use about 5% of all Internet users! Special " program; calculates this password during about a microsecond (one million fraction of a second).

the Password consisting of the intelligent (colloquial) English word up to 10 letters long is selected the special program on average in 2 seconds.

the Password from four English symbols, including figures and special symbols ($ hd4 type) resists to breaking already about 3 minutes, and the same password from letters of the different register, figures and at least one special symbol from seven signs keeps about 30 days!

Draw conclusions.

And still council! Never use the name, a surname or date of birth as the password! Such password will be easily picked up by any person who knows you.

2. and never give Anybody the login and the password! If is though the slightest suspicion - at once change the password. By the way, it is just regularly useful and to change passwords as bases of passwords regularly are opened also are on sale on black the Internet - the market.

3. needs to apply different logins and passwords to different accounts. Even if malefactor and will open one of your accounts, to another the same " steam; login + password just will not approach.

3. the Antivirus not just has to be, it has to be updated regularly! New trojans - programs - the spies sending data from your computer are improved with the terrifying speed!


it is better for b not to keep passwords in the separate file on the computer, and to throw off them on the carrier protected by the password or to write down on paper. Only piece of paper this should not get into strange hands, see item 2.

5. Mailboxes on free " e-mail servers; are opened especially often. So, having obtained on such box data ( login + password ) copy them on a computer and at once delete from a box.

6. For protection against breaking of number ICQ use, except the difficult password, the latests version of programs, there before record on the hard drive the password is ciphered on special algorithm.

Of course, it is possible to list rules for a long time, but most of people even these do not apply, the simplest!

And there is a little more statistics.

Just ponder upon such figure: about 50 000 000 (fifty million) Internet users on protection of their account (e-mail, given on social networks etc.) have a password of the " type; 123456 ( 654321 ) or qwerty ( ytrewq )!