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For what it is possible to fall in love with Sweden?

Which of us did not read the famous fairy tale about the Kid and Carlson?

The City floating over " water; - one of names of the capital of Sweden - Stockholm.

the City on 14 islands appears before us as the character from the fairy tale, shrouding in the Scandinavian heat and charm. Here all Sweden, the country which is harmoniously combining traditions of the past, reality of the present and an outline of the future is distinctly shown.

Magnificent buildings of Stockholm alternate with water, bridges and green oases. It is difficult to find such alliance of the nature and the Person somewhere still. In this heart and soul of the nation. It is that identity with which lifestyle, a delicate taste of begins about what all this for Swedes, than they live.

Harmony with the nature - part of the Swedish culture, their national consciousness. High ecological consciousness leads to obvious results: even in Stockholm, large industrial center, the city from more than 1,6 million people, there are green corners where it is possible to stay alone with the nature. Even the Swedish patriotism is shown not in reasonings and disputes on policy, and in infinite stories about how it is good at them in the woods, what pure lakes and the rivers at them. The Person who grew up in harmony with the world is ready also for valid and careful attitude to people around.

From it there is also a reserved simplicity and the muffled color palette of the Swedish architecture, absence of luxury and excesses. There is no poor, but there are no very rich also. Sweden - the country of high economic and social achievements. On the volume of social services it is high on the list in the world, on a standard of living advances almost all states of the world. Here rather big doles and disability, the value-added tax and extremely the vainglory is not welcomed by the wealth.

But at everything at the same time for the Swede it is important not to be a burden for others, to use something for someone else`s account it is considered immoral. Everyone seeks to be useful to society which in turn, acts in Sweden as the guarantor of lifelong social protection. Also style of daily communication is subordinated to aspiration to be free and independent. The well-mannered Swede is independent everywhere and in everything. The norm of life - to pay everyone for itself, to take with itself on a visit alcohol or products It is shown also in the relations between the man and the woman which, by the way, are absolutely equal in the rights among themselves. As weaker sex on an equal basis with the stronger sex takes active part in political and labor life of the country, and men rather often are in charge of housekeeping and raise children. The relations are under construction on understanding, patience and respect as to the Person. And it is good or it is bad, everyone solves.

Special lifestyle of Swedes is defined also by their relation at the right time, to its planning and the organization. To be punctual, means to respect others. Not to arrive on time, means to show neglect. Each sphere of life - whether it be work or rest is planned. Here the deep-seated faith in the fact that the Person himself is responsible for the destiny is shown and builds life by the rules. From here and constant activity, lack of laziness and just desire to lie down. Such planning allows to organize very active leisure - campaigns, jogs on the wood, ski walks and driving on ice, occupations by sailing, rowing, fishing of fish - and any other types of carrying out leisure what can only be imagined. The love to active recreation and sport, is also big, as well as love to the nature. Many Swedes prefer to spend the holidays driving about over the country and own resorts. Many even have the houses in the country where go to holiday time.

The Swedish house is special and unique style too. In it all never-ending love of Swedes to the nature and harmony is expressed. Most often it is small lodges dark-red color with a white sun blind which organically fit into a local landscape. And fire, one more symbol of the Swedish house on which find kind spirits of the North will always protect the world and rest of its inhabitants.

So for what it is possible to fall in love with this charming Scandinavian country? At all not for its high level of social welfare. It is rather for the fact that there lives memory of us, memory of Earth force. For formidability of space and northern breadth. For wealth contrasts which you will not express in a word. Just for silent paradise on Earth

And as The City floating over " water;? Sweden only begins with it