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Chanson - style of realists?

of Chanson in translation from French mean song . In Russian this word gained several other value. So began to call a musical genre which predecessors were bards. Later the Russian chanson was officially allocated. The father of the Russian chanson call the singer Mikhail Gulko. After it other singers and groups appeared.

Feature of this style of music is realness. Songs literally tell to us about life, how sometimes it is hard to live and survive. A prison chanson (a kind of a genre), so that in general sings about life in prison. Many dislike both a prison, and simple chanson, and even openly criticize. Like, gloomy music, adjusts on a minor harmony, something cheerful is better we will listen. Please, and in this style there are cheerful songs! In them our political system, life of prisoners, imperfection of bandits and militias, etc. is usually derided by

Very many people try to leave from reality . They prefer to listen to popular songs under which it is only possible to dance. Listen to such songs more attentively - and you will understand that there is no semantic loading here. That is people listen to songs if only to listen. These songs teach them to nothing.

The chanson forces the admirers to look at the world in a different way . It in literal sense opens eyes on how the world around us and our country in particular is arranged. The person begins to realize that to very few people he in this country is necessary and that it is necessary to turn to ensure a desirable standard of living. Fans of pop music a little of what think in the life. They sleep, without realizing what is wanted from life and as to receive it.

Pay attention to phrases admirers of a chanson and fans of pop music . Words - synonyms, at first sight. You paid attention that about listeners of a chanson is not told fans ? How you think why? But because they do not follow the ideals which are blindly created by someone. They are always able to assess soberly a situation, the person, etc. They do not put on pink glasses . That is admirers of a chanson by definition are not the people inclined to fanaticism.

Here therefore it is seldom possible to hear as continually discuss the next detail of private life of this or that chansonnier. And if it is about bottoms - a star, then hardly it will have listeners who are not knowing the latest scandalous news from life of this stars . That is such listeners begin to be interested samootrechenno in life of an idol, up to fanaticism.

In a chanson there are no idols, there are only singers standing attention and respect . When the admirer of a chanson has a bad mood, it includes sincere composition which pushes on reflections. The person listened to the song, reconsidered a situation and life in general, maybe, even found a way out of a difficult situation. The chanson forces to work both brains, and intuition. To some people it allows to develop the position in life.

This musical genre is created for people who are not afraid to look to the truth in eyes, for those whom the opinion of crowd interests a little. It is very good that this style exists and allows the admirers to understand life better and better.