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What secrets foundation has?

use Foundation all European women, Frenchwomen spend for it 25% of all funds allocated for cosmetics, professionals consider it as one of the most effective means for care of skin. But our Russian ladies for some reason ignore and neglect to data cosmetic by miracle . Why?

Perhaps, it will become clear if we remember the Soviet " cosmetic; Ballet and still the few, to it similar. With such cosmetics what long time was available to the Soviet women it was possible to ensure the hammered time, spots, underlined wrinkles and unclear color the person, but not a beautiful, gentle shade. Such horror before foundation was strengthened also cosmetic novelties former Soviet Union. In general, foundation at our many compatriots is associated with expressions: plaster coat or to putty the person .

However, now everything changed. At least, so approve beauty - celebrities. Voice-frequency means now not simply voice-frequency, but also looking after skin. Researches of French revealed that at those who use ottenochny creams aging of skin is slowed down for 7,5 years. Such effect is reached by means of new formulas and thanks to active components.

So what we do not know and what we lose, refusing ottenochny means? How modern means to combine a make-up with smoothing of wrinkles and leaving manage?

The main difficulty in creation anti-aging cream - tone consisted in the difficult neighbourhood of active agents and pigments. In other words, pigments prevented active agents to be absorbed in skin, they protected our face from pollution, an ultraviolet, and also from useful components of cream Now scientists created more intellectual pigments which distinguish the active substances and strengthen their actions, but do not disturb them as was earlier. Now all well-known series got clever foundations which enter a series of anti-aging means and strengthen action of the fellows. For this reason cosmetologists resolutely transferred foundation from a make-up to leaving and recommend its daily use.

For certain many saw how in commercials foundation as if dresses the person in a thin stocking from micro - fibers. Exactly thanks to this property, it smoothes wrinkles. In it is so-called " fillers; - the transparent silicone parts helping pigments to be thrown through wrinkles as the bridge, but not to be hammered into them. Reflecting parts are responsible for that your person really shone youth and beauty. Nacre is responsible for uniformity, golden parts for a luminescence and so on.

To reach the necessary effect, foundation needs to be applied with small pillows of fingers, accurately distributing it from the center of the person to the periphery. Now it even pleasant occupation as cream became as if a culinary masterpiece soft and fluffy, but not sticky and in a disgusting way stretching. If you use sponzhik, then do not forget it to disinfect: to wash out warm water with soap and to dry in the warm place.

Time to talk about how to choose tone came? Modern voice-frequency means by right are proud of the palette. The same grown wiser pigments adapt to complexion now!

Selecting independently cream in shop, follow simple advice . Do not test cream on the brush back, it more dark also is more red than face skin. The internal part of a wrist is also no good, small veins distort a cream shade. The best test test on neck skin. To its color there has to correspond color of cream, and otherwise after drawing under a chin the contrast line will appear. And one more: the result will be shown minutes through five, these times will be enough that " cream; earned .

Also you remember: light tone give to skin youth, dark - on the contrary, age. If there is a desire to add to a suntan face, use the bronzing powder over foundation better. Incidentally bought a voice-frequency product more darkly than necessary? There are three options: to mix it with day cream, white base (so you will make it is lighter), or to put under cheekbones, on a forehead and a chin - it will give to the face expressiveness, only cream needs to be shaded well.

Women have unreasonable fears concerning putting two creams at the same time - day and voice-frequency. We reject these fears. If the person needs to look younger considerably, then the duet of two means is simply necessary. Only it is necessary to wait that day cream was completely absorbed, and after that to cause tone. Before a party I do not advise to overload the person with two means at once, otherwise it will shine and shine. Use lifting - tone (foundation with lifting effect - it improves a face contour and smoothes small wrinkles).

And one more secret: after putting foundation, sprinkle the person cold mineral water. It will give to tone shine which you did not even expect. You remember, cream is necessary qualitative, do not pursue cheap and doubtful production. It is better to trust nevertheless in world brands and councils of professional cosmetologists.