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How the quirky German - the massage therapist became related with Catherine II?

the German princess Maria of Augustus von Anchalt very much was afraid to get into almshouse. By the end of 1970 - x the most august lady, whose far ancestors once brought the Russian empress Catherine II into world, completely went bankrupt and attained the age alone. And here, when all hopes for rescue, appear, were lost, in her house the imposing young man appeared. He was called Hans Lichtenberg - the best friend of her late son Karl. Having remembered the only child, the granny shed a few tears and complained of a bitter share.

The guest right there began to calm the hostess also assured that he knows how to help her. Hans offered the old woman a good bargain: the princess adopts him, turning into the titled person, and receives for it 2000 brands of monthly pension. 82 - the summer princess agreed and in 1980 - quickly signed with m all necessary documents. So the modest massage therapist - the son of the simple police officer turned into prince Frederik von Anchalt.

In three years the newly made aristocrat buried Maria to Augustus and, hoping it is favorable to marry, went to travel. In search of worthy party, it crossed Atlantic and North American continent, so far, at last, it did not appear in Hollywood.

Having become the frequenter of secular parties, Frederik got acquainted with ex-the movie star and sex - a bomb of 1950 - x For For Gabor which only the little was younger than the late princess Maria Avgusta. At the beginning of foggy youth it won the title Ms. Hungary - 1936 but it was disqualified as the minor. Having become the American, this young woman became famous for roles in movies Mulen - Ruzh Lily Enemy of society No. 1 also replaced 8 husbands (among whom it was noted even the hotel magnate Conrad Hilton is the beauty`s grandfather Peris). Numerous stains brought it a considerable state, and in 1986 - m this 70 - the summer person was an enviable bride with 700 - a million dowry. Of course, the prince could not pass by it treasures and immediately made to the actress a proposal of marriage.

The attention 40 - the summer aristocrat flattered For For, and she agreed to become his wife. However hopes of the prince for fast receiving inheritance did not come true: Gabor it is still live. Frederik, probably, lacking pocket money, began to earn additionally, quickly trading in the title and adopting rich kids. Among them there were even two owners of the American brothels and a certain owner fitness - club. Say that for blue " blood; children paid it about 1 million euros.

By the way, about 10 years ago Frederik had a child from a certain student - Iren`s medichka. The prince as the man noble, confessed 80 - the summer spouse and suggested to adopt the child.

We will care for it three together - you, I and Iren - he declared to the wife. Jealous For For this idea it was not pleasant, and it demanded divorce. Frederik, apparently, was not against and even showed generosity, without having requested the half of the capital of the spouse relying it under the law.

I agree also to 35 million, - he was overmodest, - I will have enough them with my baby . The spouse saved and rung off to divorce.

By the way, recently, the prince suddenly declared that he has one more baby. This time from well-known ex-the " models; Playboy Anna Nichole Smith who in 2007 - m suddenly died and left a multimillion state. However after the scandal made by the wife, Frederik gave up.

I never said that I could be a father, - the elderly lady`s man admitted. - I did not tell yes, is not present. I leave a door open. Sometimes I am the bad boy, and my wife in bad mood now, she does not love all this .