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How not to go crazy during examinations?

A on a nose examinations, session

the Familiar phrase? I think that for many! The mass of cases, as always, is not enough time for preparation, and examination decisive! In total as always! Nerves to hell, we drink soothing, we eat mountains of chocolate, we get fat, we turn pale, we lie with a temperature In a word, stress .

And all this disease state worsens the fact that we begin not to sleep at night, to drink coffee in liters and we pass to a sedentary life. Our brain has not a rest. At some moment he just refuses to perceive any information. All our efforts are in vain !

Stop! Let`s reflect!

For what time you begin preparation for examination? In a day, in a night, in a month? All the same! All of you equally will not be in time If at you is not before itself of accurately formulated plan ! Yes, yes, be not surprised! Plan!

How it has to look? we Draw a grid. We consider the number of days (or hours) which we have. We appropriate to each column the date (time). We will entitle each line a subject or a subject.

Now we do breakdown. We know that on mathematics at us 6 questions. Respectively, in a grid we mark that we need to do in day on a question, and still there will be 4 days for emergency.

On Russian, for example, questions - 10. Respectively, all 10 days we need to prepare on one question.

On literature, say, at us 14 subjects. Means, 4 days from 10 us should be done on 2 subjects. We look at our schedule. We have 4 days off in mathematics. Respectively, it is more expedient to use these days. We write down in the table.

This reception allows you to study a preparation order visually. On the termination of every day (hour) I advise you to cross out a column and to paint the executed question.

I want to note that you need to spend only several hours a day (if we speak about days) for implementation of this plan completely to be prepared for examination. And you should not sit at night at all and to think that you AGAIN are in time NOTHING. It will give you tranquility and a clear picture of the events.

Why I suggest to stretch each subject, but not to learn mathematics today, and Russian tomorrow? In - the first, thus we switch attention, we distract, we acquire information better. And in - the second, quite so you will be able daily to come back to each subject and will not forget about it in 2 days.

Pay attention! We will spend about 20 minutes for drawing up any, most developed plan, and we will save hours the precious time!

One more important aspect. Write down each question at the number , but not just as one - here, another - there. It will give to your grid concreteness and completeness.

Besides, it is necessary to tell that this table can be filled in in the most different ways. It is suitable not only for study, it significantly will help you and with other spheres of life.

Besides this table if you released a little time, I offer one more method! As a compulsory procedure register to the gym ! Register! Do not think that you will be able to force to do exercises in the morning. If you never before it did, then during examinations you will definitely not have on it forces! And you need it! Now more than ever! Full switching from cerebration on physical, relaxation and new forces.

The gym, of course, this generalized concept. You can go to dances, to yoga, to the pool etc. of Main - to go! By the way, it is better to go, but not to go. Walks are especially necessary for you now!

Having before itself the accurate schedule, you quite are able to afford to give hour of time for sport and hour - on walking. Believe, it will pay off! You will be able well to be prepared and at the same time not to go crazy!

GOOD LUCK at examinations!