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You want good luck in a year of the Bull? Prepare traditional dishes of Sagaalgan!

In the republics and the countries where Sagaalgan schistatsya by an official holiday, day off today. Anyhow? A traditional round dance (in Buryatia - a yokhor), competitions on daring and force, concerts, souvenirs and viands directly on frost... it is the real national holiday. Perhaps, there is no more cheerful and long-awaited holiday, than White month in Yakutia, Buryatia, in Altai, in Tyva, Kalmykia... yes, at us very big and really many-sided country.

And solar salamat

Try to organize the real New Year`s meal within the next festive month - time is! Any salads - that it for porridge from different products? And any vegetables - not a season whether you know. However, cow colostrum, necessary ingredient of many dishes of Sagaalgan, is hardly available to the majority of us too, but which - that we all - will be able to think up. You have naked flame, a birch shovel, a copper and a hair sieve?. Here - here. We have dietary supplement - y on shelves, fresh greens in cubes and flu inoculations. Ahchoo Good luck!

Sagaalgan`s dishes - first of all ritual, magic dishes. These are the symbols urged to obepechit wellbeing of your family, progress and health. Besides, the dairy food is a symbol of respect and hospitality - she moves at a meeting of guests like the acquaintance bread - " salt;. The huge list of New Year`s dishes is not a daily kitchen. Perhaps, except for only traditionally the most favourite in Buryatia buuz (poses).

Buuza . The pulp of mutton meat is traditionally used, but also pork, a horse-flesh, beef will approach. We crush the billhook in a wooden backet (we pass via the meat grinder with a large lattice). We add flour, water, salt, pepper (spices), onions and small cut internal fat (if it is available). Dough prepares as for home-made noodles, thin circles in which forcemeat is imposed are formed, and edges are pinched, forming a sack with an obligatory opening for a steam-out. Buuza steam about 20 minutes - readiness easily is defined by a type of juice in sacks - it has to be not muddy, and is transparent - golden. So, the feast where will be present 4 - 5 not - vegetarians, requires 800 - 900 of meat, 200 g of fat or fat pork, 2 large onions, salt, spices, a half-glass of water and a flour tablespoon for a linking of forcemeat. If there is opportunity, use instead of spices the garlick grass prepared since summer with salt, a ramson or green garlic. For the test - 2 glasses of flour, 3 eggs, salt and 2 tablespoons of water.

Urmen . These are dairy skins, but not from what you screwed up the face in kindergarten during an afternoon snack. You need fat milk and a pig-iron copper. If is not present - take a pan, and we will count that year from it will not be worse. The main thing - thoughts! Milk needs to be boiled on slow fire within half an hour, more precisely, foam will not appear yet. Then we put a copper with a cover from a pan to the cool place - for 10 - 12 hours. On a surface the layer of skins about 2 cm thick is formed. It needs to be removed and frozen carefully. Before giving to a table to cut in the form of cookies. Simply? Yes. Unexpectedly? A little bit. And as it is tasty Only you remember: thickness of a layer of skins directly depends on fat content of milk.

One more simple symbol - Hoorulchen zookhey . Fresh sour cream of high percent of fat content to boil minutes three and a tax to pancakes. Boiled sour cream is at all even not sour cream

I of course, Salamat is necessary for for happiness and prosperity to us (shanachan zookhey). Everything for the same company we take kilogram of sour cream and one glass of rye flour (it is better than a rough grinding, but ), it is a little milk, a salt teaspoon. Sour cream needs to be boiled on slow fire, without ceasing to stir slowly with a wooden spoon or a shovel, within three minutes. Then slowly we add flour, stirring slowly quicker and quicker that lumps were not formed. If there is a feeling uneven in masses from - for the shown oil, it is possible to pour a half-glass of milk or water, but the it is less, the better. Solar salamat it will be ready when on each side and at the bottom of ware there is a ruddy crust, and weight will easily lag behind a spoon

Sagaalganaar! Nourishing, light and happy to you New year!

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