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You want good luck in a year of the Bull? Meet New year - Sagaalgan! The earth still itself does not know

last month of snow


But before descending from hills,

snow on a palm quietly thaws.

I what I do not speak about,

a flower will tell, a needles smell.

According to a lunar calendar

comes New year in the spring.

(Bair Dugarov.)

Let a lot of dairy food, meat dishes in your houses will be b>, let children laugh and healthy old men rejoice and rest and pleasure in your families will be! On white silk - a hadaga I bring you gifts in the come new year - year of an earth Bull. And owing to the fact that I - only the author of article, bring you the most sincere blagopozhelaniye. Be happy! Today there came New year according to a lunar calendar, ancient new year for professing the Buddhism, for many people of Central Asia. Buddha`s Proof Researchers of Asian culture and a buddologa are capable to explain


easily to you why happiness and updating did not fall down your head right after peal of bells 1 - go January. New year comes together with the first new moon of spring, and never happens in the same day of each new year.

There is a little patience, and everything will become clear. Ancient traditions of celebration of new year were built in connection with agricultural activity. Therefore the cold winter period finished year - waiting for warming and the first issue at cattle which appears at this time. Besides, today we know that, for example, to ancient ancestors drill a lunar calendar a was sign in the X century, and in a century of XII - m when in the territory of Mongolia and today`s Russia the Buddhism began to extend, traditions of cattle-farmers harmoniously intertwined with universal installations - a moon calendar which, in turn, is directly connected with Buddha Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha Shakyamuni`s) biography, the founder of philosophy of Emptiness and the Enlightenment. The first spring new moon - date in which Buddha proved to six wise men - brahmen all insolvency of their philosophy. And each thought, each emotion of these left last lunar days and the come new moon makes very important sense, has the perfected traditions which pass from father to son Tibetans, Mongols, Kalmyks, Buryats, Thais, Japanese And of course, the correct behavior and performance of rituals these days are capable to change the events which already prepared for a jump if you want it, of course.

of Tradition at choice

For a start - two reservations. Infinite questions of why there are a lot of them, these coming, we will leave to Chinese with their violent imagination and - to astrologers of the different countries. And if Chinese are sometimes confused what of holidays executes this or that tradition, then in case of Buddhist new year everything is slightly simpler, it is necessary just to trust in scientific astrologers and traditions of the country. So, in Tibet date of each lunar year is calculated at Institute of the Tibetan medicine and astrology Mayen - Ji - khang, in Hugo`s countries - East Asia where profess the Theravada Buddhism, the Indian lunar calendar, and in Russia responsibility for approach white as a blank sheet, month of new life, astrologers of Traditional Sangkhi of Russia undertake is used. We will be guided by this calendar, it is so more convenient to us, truly? There is more: it is much simpler to write the big book about ways and traditions of celebration of Sagaalgan, than small article. Let`s judge so: those who annually meet Sagaalgan in the families and datsans well know that how and when it is necessary to do, we will not give councils to them. Our task - to show respect for an ancient holiday and to become happier, having closed doors after a year of a quick Rat and having met a hardworking strong Bull.

the Pure house - as

Sagaalgan - means White month White month, month of the leaving snow and the coming dairy food (sagaat Eden). And to enter it, it is necessary to clean the house from garbage and unnecessary things. The same needs to be made with the thoughts. It is necessary to celebrate a holiday in new beautiful clothes, having prepared for products on many - many days ahead - only holidays. First of all, it has to be meat and dairy products. It is rather difficult to adapt rules and ceremonies kitchen a holiday under city conditions. Well who conforms to the ancient competent rule of the use of a young lamb in the summer, wild meat in the fall, a horse-flesh by winter today Nevertheless, concept nourishing table it is familiar and approved by all and everywhere. Sagaalgan - a stomach holiday, a hospitality holiday. Only do not forget: On February 25 it is better to celebrate houses, and to call guests and to visit - all next lunar month. Why is also not present if it brings good luck and prosperity in your families?

The house can be decorated. It can be plates on walls and mirrors - with blagopozhelaniye and installations on what is necessary for your family. It can be figures of animals - symbols of parts of the world. It can be a peculiar Balin, in the correct understanding - the lit gift to house Burkhan, an altar, datsan, and in fact if there is no house altar - beautiful composition from grains, dairy food and elegant fabric on your table. In the same place it is possible to place a symbol of year - a nice little Bull-calf. It, really, still absolutely small Is considered

that this night it is impossible to go to bed to 6 - ti mornings. At this particular time lamas in datsans will declare approach of New year after the traditional hural devoted to the goddess Baldan Lkhamo, the defender Dkharmy (Doctrine). In the people it is considered that till the morning the goddess flies about Earth and checks whether houses are pure, whether kids are well-groomed, whether owners are sober, whether their hitching post is painted And therefore those who do not visit datsan spend night in quiet kind conversation and celebration of the house. The hostess gives some tea know why the woman gives a drinking bowl two hands or one right hand, at the same time touching by fingers of the left hand a wrist right? It is a sign of deep respect - whether to members of household, guests. Just before a sleeve were longer. But gesture remained...

This year in Buryatia the live broadcast of solemn service during the first hours new year - with 4 - x to 6 - ti mornings in local " will take place; " window; " TV channel; Russia and on radio sacred Buddhist mantras of a hural " will sound; Lkhamo .

And further - a holiday! On a white hadag it is necessary to bring gifts to the esteemed people. To kids - coins and sweets. To the one who was born in a year of the Bull - of course, a bull (unreliable real). To relatives - nice souvenirs and useful things in economy. There is a wonderful tradition with which knowledge you can pleasantly surprise the familiar Buryat, the Tuvinian, the Yakut or the Mongol: if the acquaintance is more senior than you, approach him and, congratulating, open hands and turn them palms up - he will put the palms from above, having covered yours. You say this gesture that you are ready to support the senior, and the senior answers you - I am ready to pass on the experience and wisdom

But the most important - your thoughts. They have to be not simply pure - this night and the first day of Sagaalgan you have to wish to the whole world, each living being - pleasure. And then, as it occurs during the general monastic prayers, over the planet the real filter - beautiful and thin as a muslin, the general background of the kind and wise planet Earth will hang. So Buddhists trust. So grandmothers and kids in far aimags think. And, Buddha sees, they think so not for nothing!

As for recipes of a ritual holiday table, they surely will be. Here...