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How your views can be reflected in a state of health?

Are many theories concerning the nature of an origin of this or that disease. But the basic, so to speak, generalizing is that all diseases from nerves . Mostly it is correct as it is checked by time and, actually, many people on itself.

There is an opinion that not any sore can be written off for life difficult, life stressful. Here and experts noticed that there are more specific reasons for display of this or that illness. That is, this or that disease is a consequence of any trait of character, a manner of behavior, perception of reality.

So, for example, people whose characteristic feature is sensitivity are more often than others are ill warmly - vascular diseases . And the people who are in a constant nervous tension most often complain of diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path . And here citizens quick-tempered are tormented by problems with cookies .

the heart plays pranks also at those who got used to keep everything in themselves, not to set in motion to the emotions. And here display of a hypertension is attributed to people vain.

Many grow at uncertain, are afraid to tell is not present on any request, it seems to them that all want to exploit them. With such living position it is easy to get the faithful companion of life - arthritis .

Melancholiacs most often suffer from diseases of kidneys . Disappointments and failures beat kidneys stronger than the strongest overcooling.

And that who lives all the time as others tell one to, threaten of a problem with lungs (for example, asthma ).

Irresponsible people are trapped by ulcer colitis and locks . And the long irritation leads to gastritis .

The people who got used to suppress in themselves aggressive states quite often face the girlfriend heartburn which display is written off on not that ate something .

And here various diseases of visual bodies those who refuse to see the world such what it is actually have. So, they are as if closed by the problems from undesirable reality.

Having an old heavy sincere burden, old sincere dissonance, people receive in an award infectious diseases .

Too careful in all people obesity threatens .

If it is indecisive and weak in actions if decisions are made hardly, then do not pass of a problem with teeth .

And here pains on which complaints most often meet - of pain in a back - they are just the companion of people who excessively to themselves are exacting.

Not for nothing speak: It is happy, means it is healthy . Without health and light will not be lovely to us. And here to reflect from what raznylos a knee why the lumbago in a back or why so often the neck hurts - costs.

There is a traditional and nonconventional medicine. But not for nothing say that the thought - is material and that thoughts give strength huge. And so, if to think yes to compare everything, there will be in your character that hyphen which leads to the disease which grew hateful already. Try to analyse that to what. Everything that our brain concerns, right there influences also a body. In total from the head goes.

Let there will be thoughts light, character not stubborn - then a body and spirit you will be healthy.