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Where Zaytsev. net or How to download music free of charge and with impunity?

Oh these hares. Well, they are not, and all here. And it is valid, no. At least, owners of several pieces of music so solved, making a legal claim to the company - a hoster on whose platforms the notorious musical website is placed.

Owners grew lazy before that cannot find certain LLC Well-aimed supporting work of a portal. On demand searchers give a lot of references, but, probably, it is not that Well-aimed which free of charge distributes others music. The fact that someone hides, quite explainably. Not clearly, as someone can be not found in the Network of it, using modern technologies.

The lawsuit lasts not the first year with alternate success. The last judgment - in favor of a hoster that will be farther - we will look. But the speech here not about a lawsuit, and about the phenomenon which appeared in our life with development of communication technologies which reflection is activity of imperceptible Hares. no.

Activity, we will tell at once, quite rough. According to the estimates of analysts from the Russian office of Genius, zaycev page. net appeared for last year on monitors of almost every fifth user of a RuNet. Agree, to remain the free disinterested person at such traffic - well very difficult.

Popularity long-eared easily overcame berezheny the Russian frontier guards as apple of the eye frontier. Among visitors of the website there are citizens of many countries. In the four of the most active foreigners except the former slav brothers and Kazakhs today inhabitants of the overpopulated Celestial Empire. According to the Alexa company Chinese undertake 1,8% of a hare traffic.

The first pages of the website appeared in web archive. archive. org in 2004 from which time of existence of a hare den was reckoned. The most fruitful year on changes - 2007. Owners of a portal actively develop the subject . Today it is possible to find mini mirror in a network. zaycev. net, a hare forum, shop of undershirts, the Internet - radio and still some dl. zaycev. net which refused to open my browser at all. I think, not bad would send still the Internet - shops of hunting goods, fresh vegetables and a dog forage. Well and it is undoubted - exchange office. It is known that cabbage - favourite food of unpretentious cuties with long ears.

With what hares attract millions of visitors? Freebie. Forgive to nice rodents who are not actually on the website for it all their shortcomings. Alexa considers the website zaycev. net very slow. According to its data, loading goes the whole five seconds. Four fifth the websites of the World wide web work quicker.

The website is overloaded with advertizing banners which vast majority of a juicy orientation. It is not pleasant to much, advertizing is abused, reproach administrators and call their child by a garbage can, but still use services in downloading. The freebie is sweet.

Hares. no - not Russian to no - Hau. Periodically in one, in other segment of the Network there are small and large scandals connected with copyright infringement. Punish serious firms and certain, even juvenile citizens, but the phenomenon does not vanish. Under it a firm basis.

The similar websites give to people the chance to break barriers through which to jump in the lawful way or it is impossible, or just there is no desire. Really, who possesses copyright? Composers and performers conceded them long ago and conceded to businessmen from show - business. The rights for music belong to producers and managers, and even the foreign oligarchs, far from creative process, who bought couple of melodies occasionally . To me, for example, copyright infringement, received thus, does not cause any moral inconveniences.

Second reason of viability Zaytsev. net - difficulties of the organization of official sale of musical content. Producers in real very reluctantly share the rights, demanding in exchange a possibility of total control and fabulous assignments.

As often happens, the Internet outstripped time which generated it. The websites doing the business distributing content protected by copyright for free, in my opinion, were, is and will be still very long. It is possible to fight with them, but it is impossible to win. If only not to change contents of notorious copyright. But it already another story altogether