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Whether it is worth getting divorced on the eve of New year?

Less than a month remained to a meeting of New year, and you are going to leave the family. Somewhere at heart uncertainty still hides: And suddenly it is a fatal flaw? And suddenly until the end of the days we will regret that we so silly left? . You try to catch on yourself children`s eyes - scared, is disturbing asking: And how New year? Mother told that you leave. Do not leave, the father, please. I will be always you and mother to obey, and you will not be from - for me to quarrel

Divorce is the two versions, offenses, charges, fair and not fair reproaches, strange acts which by someone are not perceived, sometimes saved for years. On a question of parents and friends: Why you disperse? - spouses plainly also cannot answer with a time: all claims some petty, frivolous. Also resort to the tested, jammed explanation: Yes did not get on together

How the man and the woman, yesterday it seems and not thinking of destruction of the family nest come to such decision? The crack, as a rule, begins with not clear feeling of discontent, discomfort in the relations, but some time none of spouses decide to recognize marriage unsuccessful. For each of them there is the individual threshold of a dissatisfaction, having passed which, do not undertake anything to improve situation and to keep a family, and it slides to destruction. And, at last, the notion of compulsion comes that divorce can change life to the best that else not late to start it anew. There comes the moment of a resolute explanation: offensive words are pronounced, the application is written

did not turn out the tale of a happy safe family where all love each other and there are no scandals. Such families, of course, too happen, but is exclusively rare. As a rule, in each family life naturally there are contradictions leading to dissonance and it is necessary to learn to overcome them, without perceiving unilaterally the conflict, accusing of all the spouse, and considering itself in everything right, the victim of the loser.

Can treat the forthcoming divorce of the spouse differently. One consider it as the failure complicating their life regret for errors of family life and keep affection for the spouse, without being going to marry repeatedly in the near future. For others divorce acts as release from troubles, and they are ready to begin at once or shortly new life, without being sorry about the past. Such spouses also act, as a rule, as initiators of divorce. Emotional stability is characteristic of them, and from their party the indifference to the spouse and children can be shown.

If you are not sure of correctness of the forthcoming divorce, look for council at friends, parents, then do not hurry to tear finally with the, recently still such darling and a native family. Also know: You not one such doubting! Statistically in every fifth family which already divided the budget and the general property, both spouses keep attachment on the eve of divorce, and some until the end of the days suffer and are sorry about a gap, considering as its fatal flaw in joint life.

There are surprising cases when many years later one of the former spouses of reconciliation looks for, without having got accustomed in a new family, and there is a feeling updated, cleared by sufferings restoring the nest crushed by divorce. Uncertainty in correctness of divorce can remain for years, and all this time comparisons become, giving rise to nostalgia on the lost harmony. Sufferings happen so strong that lead to thought of aimlessness of existence, and then it is necessary to resort to the help of the psychiatrist. Childless spouses transfer divorce easier, than parents, but also here can be the special cases when change, jealousy or combination of circumstances (the compelled separation of spouses) become an occasion.

Parents who have children of preschool age often think that divorce should not affect them. However at kids very small endurance and a fast nervous breakdown is observed, and parents should remember it, and, the children are younger, the these qualities are shown stronger. If besides the child was present at a showdown between parents concerning education: You razbalovat it therefore he listens to nobody it can have a notion of compulsion of the fault, and an exit from this state requires the help of the psychologist.

If offenses are so deep that you cannot forgive and understand each other, then the child cannot be involved in clarification of the reasons. Otherwise in his behavior serious deviations can appear: tearfulness to hysterics, isolation, timidity, disobedience. And though the reasons of stains can be the most different, but if the spouse leaving a family expresses desire to take part in education, then it is not necessary to deprive of the child of an opportunity to see at least occasionally the parent.

And, of course, it is bad to leave a family on the eve of some solemn event: birthday of the kid, general holiday. Your leaving on the eve of family celebration can work so on mentality of the child that in further life it by such days will treat watchfully, without special pleasure. Do not leave a family on the eve of New year - at you an opportunity it will be noble to leave a family after a holiday, but you will give such joy to the child! Ways are inscrutable - can after you and get divorced perekhochtsya

to the Men who are getting divorced and remaining bachelors should remember that statistically health of the men and women connected by a family is much better, than at lonely compatriots: lonely people are more vulnerable psychologically, lead a normal life, as a rule, less test minutes of pleasure less often. Remember it and that on for the rest of the life

will have in your memory the child`s look asking about mercy Protect the family, live long and happily!