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Whether to use the electronic matchmaker for search of the partner?

Divorced? Constantly you quarrel? Sometimes there is a wish to throw with a thick down pillow the person of the half at night and to hold to the bitter end? Everything irritates in the spouse, any trifle? There is a feeling that you try to inform of certain experiences the partner, dreams, features of a state of mind, and look at you with misunderstanding moreover with protruding eyes of the alien as though you from different galaxies? If affirmative answers then I guess as you got acquainted with the soulmate.

In the old manner. Casual meeting. Perhaps, grew together. Faced in the Internet. Yes it is full of various options! Also twirled! First calls, appointments. Shy kisses, acquaintance to parents. Florets at meetings. Accurate questions are closer to the purpose to recognize each other. First sighs and akh of love. First compliments. First jealousy. Accustoming to a perfume aroma or cologne of your new love and other romantic surroundings.

And we stay already in 21 - m a century! For those who live happily and hours does not observe, I remind: 21 - y century outside! And still in 20 - m, at the beginning of cybernetic revolution when computers in present understanding were not yet, and existed electronically - computers (COMPUTER), in one of the countries of socialist camp - in Hungary - interesting researches were conducted. The government already then was disturbed by the high level of disintegration of families in society. The sense of research was as follows. Created two groups. The first included several thousands of couples of different age of men and women who got acquainted in the old manner, with okha, sighs and slow recognition of each other. Practically all participants were going to get married.

Included similar number of couples of men and women of different age in the second group, but they still did not know each other. Researchers planned to acquaint them later, depending on results of the COMPUTER - calculations. In the first group everything flew according to the scenario famous from time immemorial: men and women met, quarreled, reconciled, went to restaurants, were jealous, mourned and rejoiced to the new relations. So far at this group everything developed rather successfully.

To participants of the second group suggested to fill in the large-scale questionnaire with several hundred questions by means of which almost all possible preferences of the specific person were investigated. Distinctly his psychological portrait appeared, I.Q. was defined, the clear picture of appearance, including the smallest details like the size of foot, a shape of auricles, breast volume at women, men`s body at men was created. Even existence of the smallest birthmarks and tattoos, skull skin hairiness degree, color of eyes, diseases. Researchers tried to discover what and to what there are tendencies at questioned as he likes to spend free time where he wishes to have a rest on holiday and a lot of things are many other things. The same questionnaire was filled in by participants of the second, the COMPUTER - ache groups on the partner with whom they were ready to move to an altar. All these hundreds and hundreds of parameters were driven into a computer memory and the car began the analysis of data.

Filling of all questionnaires occupied a huge number of time, but the result was worth it. While the first group stayed in useless euphoria of love, the second expected results of operation of the COMPUTER. And the car issued the required conclusions: the device allocated to each of the second group on the basis of the obtained data the most suitable and the partner in life, compatible to it. That unfortunate which the car picked up nobody were deducted. I, of course, do not remember those intricate surnames of participants of experiment, but the sense of the conclusion of the COMPUTER was as follows. For example, the participant No. 26 (or as it is nowadays fashionable to call, the user No. 26) by the name of, say, Petrov, is ideally suited in the majority of parameters for the participant (user) No. 78 by the name of Ivanova, and, respectively, on the contrary.

These men and women after selection by car were acquainted, and they found out that together to be it very and very kayfovo as it is accepted to be expressed nowadays. The chosen COMPUTERS of couple established families. Most of participants of the first group - usual - too got married. Researchers this time selected five hundred couples from both turned-out communities, so to speak. Periodically examinees from the first and second group filled in the same questionnaires urged to estimate quality of family life. As you guessed, results of the second group were much more favorable, than in the first. And in ten years established that stains in the first, not computer, group are three times more, than in the second! Thus, acquaintance and creation of a cell of society under the name family under patronage of the COMPUTER was repaid.

There is a sense to suggest the candidate for your heart to pass such test of compatibility in common. If it (or it) refuse - think. Perhaps, such partner not for you. And here if, say, a test is passed and results were close to absolute - be enough this good luck and drag this good luck in the REGISTRY OFFICE! Because more such opportunity can not be presented. Such ideally suitable partner to another will leave (or another). And - write was gone!

The electronic matchmaker - pledge of your long family life and absence (or considerable smoothing) family problems. And even, according to results of research, a certain guarantee from divorce. Therefore it is possible to recommend to men and women to introduce more actively search of the partner by means of modern programs of compatibility of the man and woman.

P. S. Is, however, small nyuansik. From five hundred couples in the second, the COMPUTER - group, two men and one woman wetted the halves in the different cruel ways, having motivated it with what their spouse or the spouse is so similar to them what to live with it (with it) became just sickening. And almost all men and women from this advanced group regularly went many years on the left in search of a variety. But it, as they say, pobochka . Any medicine has a side effect. So and here we observe it. But the large-scale result nevertheless is more important!