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How to choose school for the child?

your kid this year go to school? Means, long ago it is time to choose it and to file documents to it.

To what it is worth paying attention that 9, and even 11 years of study passed for your child with the minimum losses of physical and mental health?

1. It is reputation of school. Listen that is told by parents of pupils of different schools of your area. Though not to each opinion it is worth listening. There are people who are dissatisfied with everything. Pay attention to responses of people who think positively.

It is very important how teachers and the director support prestige of school at which work.

2. Come into school which to you was recommended. What do you feel? Listen to the feelings. Your kid will come every morning to this building and to spend here much time. What smells here of?

When I for the first time came to present school of my daughter, in it smelled of pastries. Not simply food, namely fresh rolls. How it is cozy, the truth?

3. At once we will consider a question: whether there is at this school a dining room? Still at many schools there is only a buffet. Respectively, your child instead of a full-fledged hot lunch will choke with a roll with tea, chips or chocolate bars. According to 80% of children graduate from school with chronic diseases of a gastrointestinal tract.

Offer, if it works, to have dinner in school cafeteria to learn how your child will tasty eat.

4. Continuing a subject of feelings. Consider how walls are issued. Whether they are issued in general as - or? At school which I chose for the daughter walls are ornamented by bright fantastic plots. If on floors drawings of pupils, already perfectly are hanging at least!

5. How many school days in a week of your school? It is ideal if in it five-day week . For two days off the child will be able fully to have a rest and be restored.

6. Whether there is at the school chosen by you a day-care center for pupils of initial classes. It is ideal if an after-school club of hours to 16 - ti. It means that children will be fed, carry out on circles if the child visits school club, will help to make and will check lessons. The working parents can be quiet that to 16 - 00 child under supervision.

7. Whether work at school any circles and studios? It will allow to tire less the child with additional movements after school day. Whether is free that the child could try different types of art or sport and to choose. Many children can begin to be engaged one, another, to register and throw.

8. Pay attention as teachers address pupils - by name or by last name. It speaks about much.

Observe how children in relation to teachers behave: with fear, validly or not. If children smile to the teacher, it is healthy! Children are not able to smile out of politeness.

Yes, all teachers different. But usually there is the general policy of school to which all employees are obliged to adhere. The director dictates policy usually. Look also at the director. As far as it looks is modern?

I stopped in the choice of school, having seen as children to the teacher joyfully rushed. Seniors. Not only girls, but also boys too.

9. One more very important point - whether is protection? Ideally first graders have to be handed over directly on hands to parents or nurses if there were no other orders from parents. Happens that at school there is both a security guard, and the surveillance camera, but kids upon termination of lessons are just let out from school. Who took away the child whether took away in general

10. According to what program your kid will be engaged? Happens that at school several educational programs. You can choose suitable, having read responses of teachers and other parents on the Internet.

I described parameters in which chose school for the daughter. Perhaps, other factors are important for you. Anyway I wish that your child remembered school days only with pleasure.