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Who they are are Kings music of legs ?

This dance is shrouded in legends. It is known that the name a step the English origin - tap dance, means a type of dance which the dancer executes, beating off a rhythm legs. In America dance is called top (tepy), in France - klokety in Ireland - zhigy in Russia tap dance step .

The singer Leonid Utesov was sure that the dance homeland - Odessa, and at all not America. On Small Arnautskaya in Odessa the tap dance was beaten off in each gate. This rousing tune always sounded in repertoire of orchestras of Oleg Lundstrem, Eddie Rozner and, of course, Leonid Utesov.

But bypassed tep - dens and Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington and Kaunt Beysi`s known orchestras in America. The international recognition to this dance was brought by brothers Nicholas thanks to the participation in the movie Serenade of the solar valley . They acted almost in 30 movies, constantly invited them in various musicals and show - programs. Prizes and awards poured on them, in abundance.

You will tell: and where here legends? There is a lot of them, all just not to consider In one of them it is told that Ancient Egyptian priestesses, communicating good luck, became on drums and beat off legs a rhythm, throwing themselves and people into ecstasies. Shamans with their jumps and tambourine beats pronounced the spells in a rhythm own dance . It is also worth remembering a ring of bracelets standing of the Indian dancers which gave them a special melodics of a rhythm.

It is known also that the English and Irish peasants put shoes on in wooden shoes. Having a good time and being warmed, guys and girls danced a zhiga. It is dance execute in a fast rhythm, doing blows by socks and heels a foot of legs. At the same time, the upper body was motionless. In the book My biography the film actor Charlie Chaplin remembered with what enthusiasm he in 8 - summer age danced a zhiga. True fans of this dance consider that it has European and African roots

In very old time from coast of England, Ireland and Europe vessels with the daredevils wishing to find happy life in the New World departed. And to America the ships from Africa, " came; loaded slaves. When they were brought out of holds on the deck, they beat off legs a rhythmical melody, sang songs. Often, directly on the deck, between sailors and black slaves arranged competitions on the best folk dance

It is considered that the black Master Juba skillfully managed to connect the European zhiga, a national tap dance, the African rhythms (an original name - WiIIiam Henry Lane). It reached peak of the popularity by 1845. He acted in shows in which Irish and Blacks, as a rule, danced. The step, at last, from the street passed to a scene. So far in cabaret

However as the first stepist in America it is considered to be Bill Robinson (1878 - 1946) On May 25 - in day of its birth and in memory of it, in many countries of the world celebrate the International day step - dance . On memoirs of his contemporaries, Bill could move back much quicker, than many people - forward. In 6 years he began to earn a living, dancing. After death of parents they with the brother were brought up by the grandmother. Bill for days on end vanished in vegetable marrows, amazing public with the art to move on a scene. He acted in 14 movies. Nearly a quarter of the century Robinson surprised people with the skill.

Long time the step was considered as dance for black . However the way of its development changed in 1914 when in Harlem, in theater Lafayette there took place musical show under the name Silly fellows of the black city . Gradually show passes to the Broadway scene. At this time dance stops being only man`s. Experts distinguished a stepistka from women Eleonor Powell.

30 - 40th years of the last century of " steel; gold step time. Its popularity was so big that did not pass years without competitions among dancers. It is necessary to tell that during competitions of stepist of the judge settled under a stage. It helped judges to watch quality and speed of a sound. Blow speed at the best dancers reached 70 times in 15 seconds.

After Bill Robinson glory of the best dancers intercepted Sammy Davies, Gregory Hynes, Sevion Glover, Gene Kelly. Within three decades (30 - 50) the American actor, the choreographer and the singer Fred Astaire danced a step. With the elder sister Adel Fred stepped on the stage when he was 9 years old. They danced, sang, executed acrobatic etudes. 10 years later they become the most known dancing couple. When the sister Freda married and left a scene, he began to act in actively at film. The most famous Hollywood stars were turned with it in dance. His dance and today for many stepist - a riddle. Fred was always internally built, and externally - is relaxed and plastic.

History of development of a step and in Russia is not less interesting. The stepist Nikolay Vinnichenko was very popular with us in 20 - 30 years of the last century. He did all the turns together with the Moroccan until that left our country. Many researchers consider that in the famous movie of the director K. Shakhnazarov Winter evening in Gagra the actor Evgeny Yevstigneyev reported an image of the famous Russian tap dancer Vinnichenko.

However in the same time also other dancer - Vladimir Zernov was not less famous. He managed to create the whole ensemble of dancers - tap dancers, it had many pupils. It also gave a reason for conversation that from Vladimir Zernov was it is written off actor Yevstigneyev hero of the movie. But, it appears, that the director created a generalized character of a stepist.

It is still difficult to forget a duet of stepist in Mexican tango from Eldar Ryazanov`s movie Carnival night . And his recognized masters executed platforms - tap dancers brothers Boris and Yury Gusakovy. They late were fond of dances to which gave a taste their skilled stepist from Poland once acting in Hollywood. On strange combination of circumstances the emigrant - the Pole lodged in a country town Ivanov where there lived brothers. Both brothers passed a big career on a capital scene.

Famous soloists of " theater; Moscow operetta permanent partners of the actress Tatyana Shmygi - Gennady and Valery Sazonov, since the childhood danced. They practically peretantsevat all repertoire of brothers Gusakov on a stage of the native Voronezh. Who knows how there would be their creative career if not a case.

There was a selection for participation in the All-Russian competition of performers. The singer of the Bolshoi Theatre Maria Maksakova who paid attention to number of brothers Sazonov took part in jury of a competition. After a competition of brothers invited in the Moscow workshop of performers. And then they were waited by success. Diligence of brothers, musicality, feeling of a rhythm for a long time assigned to them glory of masters of a tap dance.

Moscow Tep Dens the Federation created in 2001 is a part of the Moscow Federation of modern dance which along with other regions of the country is presented in the All-Russian dancing association. It allows it to cooperate with the International dancing organization actively. Since 1993, our Russian dancers will constantly see off The Step - Parades .

For nearly 15 years at us in the country regularly there take place competitions of the best tap dancers on the Russian Cup, the championships of Russia on a step, seminars and the master - classes. As a rule, on our competitions representatives from the different countries of the world gather. Here it is possible to see recognized stepist from the USA, Germany, France, Japan, Hungary, Slovakia, Finland, Estonia, Latvia etc. of

This fascinating dance has no borders, it bewitches the person of any age and a nationality. To learn to dance, are necessary only huge desire yes of steam of shoes with heel-taps.