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The monetary magic, or secrets of attraction of the capital of

in the conditions of World crisis a problem of catastrophic shortage of money is rather actual. This shortage led to mass replacement of money from cash rubles and currency including foreign, to bills, securities, barter, non-payments. And to all this, of course, excessively tough financial policy of the states was the reason.

But a problem it is necessary to look for not only in government errors, but also in ourselves, in our relation to money.

Speak As you will call the boat - so it and will float . Earlier word Ruble meant to cut stump . That is people, binding the name to monetary unit, automatically put in it property to destroy themselves. But as to change the name to money rather troublesome now - it is necessary to look for other ways of attraction and enhancement Rubles .

We will try to find truth in ancient councils - signs. Speak if to observe them, they will help to control your money turnover.

Thus, wisdom says:

o Money loves amulets

there are several ways of fund raising. In - the first, unchangeable five-copeck coin or ruble . Choose for yourself that significant amulet and do not spend it at all, otherwise money will take offense and any more to you will not go. In - the second, get the Chinese coins - three coins with holes on the middle dressed on a red tape. You carry this amulet at yourself in a purse, and every time, opening a purse, tenderly stroke a mascot. In - the third that money was always found in a pocket, throw there a little spider who is called money spider . In - the fourth, put a broom in the house the handle down. In - the fifth, constantly you store a little money in kitchen under a cloth, from it they will never be translated and there will be no losses.

o Money loves the account

Display notes in a purse on - to an order, you hold them smoothed and the face to yourself.

o Money love respect

Are respectful to money and thank them that do not avoid you.

o the New moon to money the friend

to allure money, according to an ancient sign, leave at the night to a new moon, show it money and ask to give them more. Month will not refuse. Or if you incidentally noticed a new moon in the sky - grasp gold that money was found.

o After sunset money angry

does not need to take out anything from the house, to spend money right and left, not to give and not to repay debts in the evening all this promises ruin.

Also, signs say what cannot be lent money on Monday that they did not thaw as wax, during the whole week. Also it is impossible to whistle in the house, otherwise you vysvistit all money.

And all - the most important in everything higher told not words, but faith in them. Not for nothing psychologists say that by force of thought it is possible to materialize any desire. There is an only thing but if you want to grow rich without working, then know that even the magic will be powerless. The best earnings is that which is received by means of own forces and efforts.

Therefore, dear friends, a conclusion is as follows: Money are the integral attribute of everyday life of people, work, earn, and the most important, then protect money, and you will always be in prosperity!