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What to be engaged during an illness in?

Behind a window spring, are chirped by birds, couples in love, beauty coo! Still quite recently you were an active participant of this action. But now you can watch only with despondency this holiday of life from a window of own stuffy room. Continually temperature has an effect, in all body weakness, a throat hurts, cold . generally, not life, and continuous penal servitude!

Of course, the medicine does the part, but the mood nevertheless does not improve. What is the time I spend is useless, lying in a bed? - each of us thinks. And it is absolutely right! We will be able to win against the illness of course hardly for time, but to benefit here from it as it not strange sounds, everyone will be able!

So, we will begin with the fact that there WILL DROP DOWN itself to be sorry! You are absolutely full-fledged member of society! The only difference is that you at last had FREE a minute! Unless it not happiness? How much we would like to make, being healthy if we had this precious time? So let`s embody the cherished dreams!

Spend this time for yourself! You can allow it!

you wanted to take care of the own life for a long time, please! Remove weakness of all for a couple of minutes, approach a mirror, look at yourself! You see the person who can devote time to himself! You can set for yourself the task - to go outside absolutely updated person! Make a mask, manicure, a pedicure, put on more brightly, do an easy make-up. You will kill with it 3 at once - x hares: you will kill boredom, you will make to yourself pleasantly, and BANISH the ILLNESS !!!

Yes, yes, believe! At all not on temper what you do is necessary to your cold and to be ill in such look, well, it is absolutely impossible!!!

And now, main thing! You should not be satisfied with what has already been achieved! before you such surprising chance opened! You can take the favourite book, you can look at favourite transfer, can be engaged in drawing, listen to favourite music, have a sleep at last!

When it will become better for you, you can show the culinary abilities, do exercises, arrange shift in the apartment, reconsider the everyday life, make corrections, draw up plans.

You can do anything! The main thing - do not allow your illness to win against you ! Be stronger! Force it to work for you! Derive the maximum benefit! Appreciate every instant!

Your illness gives you chance to improve the inner world, to be engaged in appearance and just to have a rest!

We have to learn to appreciate what is given us. We should not be killed from - for the fact that something was not received. Always remember that all in our hands ! Everything that happens to us - result of our activity. And an illness - not an exception ! Just we were alarmed, worked too much, lived in a stress situation, incorrectly ate, put on not on weather etc. of

our organism cracked, did not sustain tension. He demands rest and rest, BUT not despondency and discontent. Load yourself, load it ! Help it to be restored and to enjoy life together with you!

Spend the received time with advantage! It will occupy such small part in your life, try to use the received minutes that then, having gone outside in a spring sunny day, to smile to the world and to tell themselves: What I well done!