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Female fashion: To the Nye -

Decided to see York vs Hong Kong that world designers in this season give. It is necessary to tell that studying of female collections for the spring - the summer of 2009, published in one of fashionable magazines of the last fall, brought me into despondency. Any expressive tendencies, the fashion hanged between attempts to reflect style 70 - x last year and to pass to 80 - m. While the man`s fashion obviously showed volumes and a creative 80 - x with new historically - rekonstruktorsky elements and images, especially at Galliano and Givenchy. And the created images obviously cast by Aragorn and Faramir quite can be developed further and to become in a new way in the general line of styles of modern metrosexuals.

And so, we will begin with New - York and Oscar de la Renta`s collection. Key moments four: a baseball cap hybrid with a jockey cap, golfs, wide trousers and not buttoned jackets and a coat over dresses and tops of a simple silhouette without sleeves. Not bad, but does not impress with anything and with nothing attracts. Golfs with cocktail dresses or office style look not an interesting element, but terrible bad taste as if the schoolgirl grew up, and forgot to remove golfs.

And taking into account that they mostly translucent, the girl also obviously runs in the evenings on the panel.

The kettle hybrid with a baseball cap, similar to a jockey hat, undoubtedly, is interesting as model, casts thoughts not only of jockeys, but also of New Economic Policy style, but at the same time is not combined with golfs in any way. The main it is yellow - the brown palette also does not paint a collection. Though on prt - and - port will descend if to clean golfs. Well and to change models in something more convenient, than uzkonosy shoes on the undecided a heel which, perhaps, and are classics but also are awful as intensive blue shadows in combination with red lipstick and propergidrolenny hair. Rare ladies can use them in the style correctly. The others just consider this detail insignificant. All right, even if not to speak about taste, it should be taken into account that now it also is not fashionable.

Fashion week in New - York somehow in general sadly looks. On its background in particular fashion week in Hong Kong seems a ray of light in a dark kingdom, and a ray of light - at all not the train which is meeting halfway. I am again convinced that the future - behind Asian fashion, first of all for Japanese (it is a pity that it is necessary to order these things through e - Bay, in Moscow you will not meet). During a Fashion week in Hong Kong (on January 13 - 15, 2009) a season fall - winter 2009 collections from Lim HyunHee were presented, to An Yoon Jung ANS, Mei - Yin Lin, Walter Ma and other designers.

Wide trousers, grafichny and asymmetric jackets, in particular collars, there is a lot of white, it is a lot of bright color sending first of all to Korea, the Eskimo raid of fur on festive white dresses - pass... it is not excluded that a small white dress performed by Arthur Lam can quite compete with the leader of the last century - to a small black dress. It much more solemnly and speaks about the hostess more, accustoming to self-discipline - in white it is always more difficult.

The Thai collections with feathers and brocade sending us to show of the lady - fight which are in turn inspired " became decoration of week; Moulin Rouge . A tendency - evening and cocktail dresses from a lola - silhouettes: the overestimated waist, the shortened skirts costing almost like packs are capable to rejuvenate the woman for about ten years if, of course, it is not given by her face.

And An Yoon Jung ANS caused a stir in the fact that processed the Japanese " style; odzh (the prince, a kind of a lola - style for boys) for girls, having created very interesting samples.

Huge bags are interesting, it is more any other which were shown in Europe even two years ago when there was a boom on big run. And it must be said, looks very elegantly.

In a word, even in prt - and - the port Asia left the USA far behind, and personally I give all the sympathies to them. There`s nothing to be done, apparently, Schopenhauer was right - Europe goes on a decline, rising of Asia begins. At least, in the field of fashion and style. And konsevativny commitment to the European brands any more paints nobody. Ah and, I`m sorry, it is only my point of view.