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In what an essence of the state and what it threatens with?

Liberal idea give in in the modern world. It is noted that the share of the state in national economies in XX - m grew a century twice to 50% that indicates vulnerability of modern market system to monopolization process.

the Desire to regulate economy is not deprived of the bases. Freedom gives to the person the chance not only to reach tops and to realize good intentions, existence of freedom opens a way for doubtful affairs which undesirable consequences follow. This time falling of the market of mortgage loans became an undesirable consequence. In turn, it caused the economic recession and crisis threatening to overshadow the Great Depression. If in these conditions not to undertake measures, then the acting players inevitably suffer that generates their protective reaction. At the same time, the weak enterprises are forced to be closed, and rather steady organizational educations, and, including, government institutions have an opportunity to increase the forces mastering the released field of activity.

At the same time, the real face of big organizational educations is shown, they have no intention to provide freedom to those which became dependent to them and under any conditions try to keep over them the greatest possible influence. Anyway, but position of the person in society is regulated by laws and controlled by appropriate authorities. In case of violation of the law, the person will be made responsible by forces which are available for the state. Therefore, freedom of the person, even in democratic society, extends so far how far the power releases the lead.

And, the proclaimed democracy does not do domination of the state over the personality to more humane. The democracy only opens doors of government before the citizens. Having entered this device the citizen changes the status for more exclusive that provides its loyalty to system, changes also are limited to it. Therefore, the state represents some sort corporation which reached a dominant position in society and defends this situation in all ways available to it. The role of the state happens as well useful, the state can undertake any obligations, but, It should be noted that these obligations bear the stamp of forcedness.

For example, the state is forced to contain and support law enforcement agencies as existence of loyal army and security forces actually and allows the smaller number of people to control the most part of the population. Also, social expenses allow the state corporation to find to themselves support among socially protected segments of the population. In modern conditions position of the state deprived of this support will be very shaky. The same treats privileges, freedom of speech, priming of economy and many other ways of attraction on the party which the modern states are forced to apply. Therefore, having assumed the role of the dictator, the state corporation itself falls into a dependency.

As well as any enterprise, the government is interested to concentrate influence threads in the hands. It allows to adjust the accurate executive chains aimed at performance of the tasks set by it. Same allows it to make maximum the received dividends. But, on the other hand, the state cannot cope with the assumed role fully. Experience of the Soviet Union showed that the planned economy cannot be made effective in every respect.

If it is possible to choose a small amount of the directions from all components of economy and to support only them, then planning of operations will show extremely high efficiency, but, in process of increase of requirements, planning will be catastrophically wasteful. Increase in requirements becomes more intensive thanks to technical progress. And, progress cannot be stopped as it will lead to freezing of level of competitiveness and threatens with a pushing off the players showing the best learning ability. Well, and development of technologies in itself conducts to impossibility to make rather effective plans. It also is basic defect of difficult organizational structures and, including, the government.

Technical progress did not stop after the model of the socialist state was forced out by democratic competitors. It means, as democratic models of the state will be in turn forced to yield the position. What it will lead to? It will lead to what even sophisticated methods of coercion will appear it is impossible to apply with advantage to business. It will lead to the fact that the small group of people will lose monopoly for freedom turning into permissiveness. It will lead to the fact that all existing forces will lose an opportunity to work effectively. It will be essentially new conditions of competitive fight in which not all current players will be able to remain afloat.

It is obvious that if is not able to force against will even the state, then it will appear not in power to any other organization and any certain person. It will give the real freedom, it will lead to an opportunity to conceive and execute any business which will be rather effective in the formed competitive environment, and to reap the corresponding fruits.

It is possible to illustrate it on the example of the computer. The programs executed by the computer are effective as the architecture of the computer literally and implicitly executes the instructions given it. In turn, this absolute power of the program over the computer gives to the computer the absolute power over information. The competition of mechanisms stopped being so intensive, it was succeeded by the competition of programs.

Proceeding from all aforesaid, it is possible to tell surely that the dominating role of the state will be inevitably liquidated. Increase in economy of a role of the state will only accelerate this process, will make it indicative. It is also possible to tell surely that subsequently this role will not be occupied by nobody as execution of this role will not bring benefit. It will lead to fixing of an opportunity to establish rather free relations which will not be broken.