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Ya I like to watch of the same name (from heading) the soap opera. There is a quite good humour, the magnificent actress, and, the main thing, feel very clever. Nearly in each 2 - 3 series there are logical contradictions. But one series strikes with frank ignorance of the elementary laws of chemistry, physics and biology. At the first display I passed the name, and considered that this series will not be shown again, however it was shown by 10. 02 these years. Began to look with the middle, it was busy.

There is a murder, the heroine opens it. It appears, the wife of the husband killed with NITROGEN! In densely enclosed space big on the volume (over 100 cubic meters). Let`s begin with the fact that if the room was tight, nitrogen was not necessary carbon dioxide from breath and the burning tube at all, would make the business. But, it not Kursk signs of the complicated breath would begin not soon and it is possible to open a window, and on a video film the fast death is recorded. It is preceded by the dying-away tube, allegedly from - for nitrogen.

About the dying-away tube (to be told about it in the movie), I write because nitrogen there is nothing here. Nitrogen is more than 15% LIGHTER kisloroda*. However, the tube dies away lying on a table. The human head, naturally above, and the person would feel difficulty in breath - earlier. However it does not occur. It is possible to object that the room was filled with nitrogen very quickly from cylinders with, perhaps, the liquefied, or compressed nitrogen. These cylinders were found by the heroine. At the expense of it (though oxygen heavier) there occurred the death. But then we would face two effects which are absent on video of record.

The first.

For filling of such big room for only a few seconds (taking into account losses of light nitrogen) would be required wind from nitrogen. Papers would scatter, however even the smoke from a tube DOES NOT FLUCTUATE!


From school physics we know that at sharp expansion of gases temperature goes down. The house in the movie is located near the coast, therefore, humidity was quite high. When using liquid nitrogen hoarfrost would be formed. If the compressed nitrogen, then fog. However and there is no it, naturally, on record.

Original masterpiece the phrase of the heroine that " is; the organism takes nitrogen for " oxygen;! Though In usual conditions nitrogen has no effect on an organism **. However in the same place it is explained that perhaps decompressive disease. However pressure has to be more than 8 atmospheres. The house would resist, but windows, doors Probably dear M. Zadornov is right

, speaking about the tupiyena of the American inhabitants. The child knows that 78% of air - nitrogen, however we live, we are not poisoned. Repeated display of a series at us says that the tupizna (headed by the Americanized school reform) took root and at us.

A conclusion is simple if there was poisoning with gas, then it (on video) was carbon monoxide, carbonic acid or flying cyanides. But they would be found when opening. So that murder - the BLUFF. In general, I did not mention really effective way of murder by nitrogen - it is very much to ask the victim to stand and to pour liquid nitrogen. And for fidelity, then to break.

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** Short Medical Encyclopedia Moscow of 1972 of p. 19