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How to wake intuition? Spend day with angels of

All of us by the nature wizards. Only often we forget about it. The bog of life sucks in. You turn on the TV - from there different horror stories. Again someone was killed, the fire, here a flood there. Threats, fears, preventions

Which of us last time heard singing of birds in the winter? What birds... Mass dismissals! People will have nothing to eat soon! Oh, managed - to intimidate by massive attacks to mentality. Fears devour from within. The person becomes embittered, itself begins to rush on others. Why and to whom it is necessary?

It is time to stop and reflect. About the divine nature. About what is never sent to the person more, than he can sustain. That century plaints that the mankind goes down the drain are not necessary. You can help at least one person near you - help. You cannot - do not long for trifles.

Casual meetings, as we know, do not happen. So, to me very interesting book of Silver Rayvenvulf " got; Angels and magic . To retell it there is no sense who can tell better than the author? I was attracted there by one interesting chapter - Day with angels . It is possible to believe in them or atheistic from them to wave away, the choice of everyone. But that all of us at the birth were given the sixth sense - intuition, I think, will argue unless the fool.

Where it disappears over the years? Why someone sensitively hears all hints of intuition, angels if you want, and others are deaf and blind? If all of us are born with equal opportunities where the intuition disappears? And how to wake her? Yes not just like that, for entertainments, and with advantage?

The intuition is not magic, this same feeling as all other five which we daily use. The intuition - our internal angel who will never betray, will not deceive, will not leave. How to spend day with angels?

On carrying out such days money will not be required at all. First it is perceived as fascinating game. You are just adjusted on the fact that today you will attentively listen to the angels. Aloud or about yourself you speak: I intend to spend day with angels today! I am open for everything that will be sent me by the Universe .

And now keep! Attract five feelings and just actively you look, listen and feel what will be presented today to you. You can stay at home or plan all day walk to the country. You can visit large shopping center or a meeting with friends. It is unimportant. Important only one - today the lesson will be presented to you. Perceive it as an amusing adventure, but surely draw conclusions.

As it is concrete to hear the internal angels? Every time this day (and then it is already constant, it will become a habit) analyze each word, a look, an event and ask yourself a question: Than this experience is valuable to me? What can he teach me to?

Try to miss each action through a prism of other question - What for? . Why I do it and how to me it will help to develop spiritually? It will aggravate all five feelings over time and at last the sixth will wake - intuition. Any practice demands daily repetitions. Only regular trainings it is possible to achieve result.

It is possible to carry out still and internal audit - to try to stop negative thoughts, consciousness viruses. Every time when such destroying thought form boldly gets into your consciousness, it is important to stop it! In fact it is stuff which zashlakovyvat an organism, does not allow a gentle spring sprout of intuition to break through through a thick armor of heavy stratifications. The garbage needs to be cleaned. It is possible practice in simple practice. Heard disturbing or negative thought in the head - at once prick yourself with something. Just hurt yourself. What for? Bol will be fixed as a powerful negative, as resistance, and every time as soon as such virus of consciousness dares to glance at your door again, the organism will remind that it is sick and the door with a roar will slam. You are owners of the life, and only to you to solve how it to live. In plaints and gloomy expectations - or it is positive, optimistical and beautiful.

And still (excellent appeal!) daily, leaving the house, you speak about yourself: My angel, we will follow with me, you - ahead, I - you! As a spirit on good luck, on support this phrase instantly opens the channel of intuition. Try, it is absolutely easy.

I spend often day with angels when I plan large purchases. Legs bring me in angelic shops with goods necessary to me. I attentively listen and I look, I communicate with people unfamiliar to me who for some reason in such days appeal to me or some offers. Can seem amusing, but often such meetings become further fatal.

Surely at the end of such magic day I sum up the result - that saw that heard that prompted me an internal voice. Obvious are answers on long ago the tormenting questions as though long wandered in a blind labyrinth and suddenly saw a long-awaited exit. First perceived such inspirations as a surprise, as a godsend. Then it became daily occurrence.

The intuition does not bring and does not deceive. Every day it is filled with sensibleness and harmony. Confidence of that you on the right track and that you execute the mission. An environment changes, the necessary people - your teachers, your colleagues, friends begin to come to your life. The necessary events are attracted. The world faces you.

First there is a feeling of some unusual internal freedom. As if you sat in a stuffy dungeon, there was term, and you were set free. You see the sun and do not believe in reality of the events. The drink of long-awaited freedom intoxicates! Magic. Mysticism. You look for a justification of unreality of the events and come to a conclusion, as earlier everything was quite so, just you went the prizhmurenny blind man and strenuously did not decide to believe that you are worthy other life, other reality.

Over time quickly you get used to this ease and you begin to understand expression - patience of job . Our angels are ready to suffer so much how many it is necessary until we begin to see clearly!