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What it, Finland, Mumi`s country - trolls?

Are difficult to find, probably, the child who does not know who such Mumi - trolls. I as remember the children`s impressions of these fantastic heroes now. Their life seemed to me such unusual and mysterious. Then I very much wanted to visit the magic country of Mumi - trolls. But I also could not think what in several years and will occur.

I grew up, entered the university of Petrozavodsk and of course did not remember the children`s dreams any more. But that is interesting, history and language of that country from where there were a sort my favourite heroes - Finland became my specialization at university. And already on a third year of study, according to the Program of an exchange of students, I was lucky to go to this northern country.

I received the first and positive impression of Finland at customs. The situation struck with purity, and personnel goodwill. Everything happened as though not to me. There was a feeling of the movie, but not real life.

In several hours I already was in the city of Turku where I should live and study four spring months. Then it seemed to me that it is quite long term, and I will manage to look at a lot of things, and to learn much. But behind occupations, excursions and interesting meetings time flew by surprisingly quickly.

The city in which I spent the most part of the time made on me

really magic impression. In this medieval Finnish city there is also Mumi`s country - trolls, the recovered fairy tale of the Finnish writer Tove Jansson. From the most basis and till 1812 Turku was the capital of Finland. By the way, many locals still consider it as that.

In my opinion, Turku - the most charming and concerning city of Finland. The present here perfectly gets on with the past which is guarded by the numerous museums of the city. In them - that, and also in the remained medieval castle and the Cathedral it is also possible to track different eras of life.

Besides, today`s Turku is a largest center of the higher education. Here are located university, " Abo Academy; School of economy and business administration, and also polytechnical institute.

I was trained in two higher educational institutions. It is University of Turku and shvedoyazychny " Abo Academy;. Why academy shvedoyazychny, you ask? Without going into detail, I will tell only that long time Finland was part of Sweden. Then passed to Russia, and only at the beginning of XX - go centuries were received by independence. Today it is the country of descendants of the Swedes who adopted Finnish and it is primordial - the Finnish tribes therefore both languages are recognized as state. There is no hostility between them, and everyone equally well speaks both Finnish, and in Swedish. Besides, practically all inhabitants know English that considerably facilitates communication.

It also helped me when I in the first day of study, coming back home, was lost in dark and unfamiliar then to me the city. With the woman who volunteered to help me we spoke even three languages because from confusion I suddenly forgot everything that long two and a half years trained me at University in. As a result, she not only explained to me where there is my student`s village, but even together with the daughter brought directly to the house.

Such readiness to help is inherent practically in each Finn. Never, for all four months, I faced also small roughness. And the fact that Finns are always very polite, open and honest is especially valuable, in my opinion. If there is a misunderstanding, any will directly tell you about it, but will unctuously not smile in eyes, at the same time gossiping behind the back.

One more feature of these people consists in their freedom. It is expressed in everything - in communication with friends, colleagues and even with the high-ranking officials. It is possible to tell that concept high-ranking at them just is not present. That is, such accurate and rigid subordination as at us in Russia, it is not observed there. And if we the address on formal terms have a manifestation of respect for the person, then in Finland it can seem offensive. Only in extreme cases, it is possible to address very elderly and dear person on formal terms. All others - just same, as YOU.

Pleased and one more highlight of the country surprised me. Finland is so well-groomed and pure that can seem as if Finns prepared for celebration of anniversary. Streets and stations, not to mention the woods and lakes, look faultlessly. The country is similar to a huge clockwork: buses come in due time, clean snow in time, work becomes very quickly and imperceptibly for others.

The few corners of the world can brag of such faultless purity, their smaller quantity - the same safety. Finland - one of those states where it is not terrible to appear to one on the suburb of the city in the dead of night or to wait for the bus on the deserted street

Here such it is the amazing country of Mumi - trolls. And as it appeared, in the childhood I was right - it is absolutely other world and absolutely other life. It is not better and it is not worse, just it is another