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Harley - Davidson - cult motorcycle or religious idol?

Here so happen in our world storming. Perhaps stars met in a special way, maybe, Fate stretched the blessing, maybe, so it turned out somehow by itself, it is unintentional but one undertakings disappear, having sunk Into oblivion, and others suddenly as if having caught a fair wind of Destiny, become the integral part of this world entered in its gold pages.

It began in 1901. One young man (he was only 21 years old) by the name of William Harley drew the project of a motor of internal combustion. Whether it took the " motor as a basis; De Dion whether thought up everything, whether wanted to attach a motor to the boat, whether at once decided to fit to the bicycle To help William to embody all this in iron his friend Arthur Davidson, and then and Artur`s brother, Walter was called.

Children were engaged in the project within two years, and what at them turned out, was not pleasant to them at all. The pathetic mopedopodobny jade did not want to go without the aid of pedals though regularly and cheerfully puffed and chirred. Mopedik was abandoned, doomed to become dusty among old stuff. And the friendship and cooperation of the Harley and Davidson found new sense.

Appetite comes during a meal. Children lit up idea of creation of the real two-wheeled horse capable with a satisfactory speed and without assistance to carry also itself, and the horseman. Outside there was 1903 in 1904 the operating copy of the new motorcycle was already ready

A. Quickly? Yes. Because guys approached business with all soul and young energy. But also because at a family Devidsonov for work on creation of the motorcycle appeared an excellent big shed in the yard (Destiny?). But also because children had a familiar engineer - the engine builder Ole Ewinrud (Destiny?) . But also because one of brothers Devidsonov, William Davidson, worked as the toolmaker in a railway workshop (Destiny?) where the majority of details and knots for the new motorcycle was made.

In 1904 to year, in September, the first " motorcycle; The Harley - Davidson took part in motor-race. The fourth place - let not gold, but the first step is the hardest.

In 1905 children could adjust more - less stable release of the engines. On seriality of the whole complete " motorcycles; The Harley - Davidson guys for the present were not developed.

In 1906 - already began to be developed. Built the wooden box and assembled 50 motorcycles there, it is proud carrying the " brand; The Harley - Davidson . In 1907 - 150 motorcycles.

In 1908 - m - 450 motorcycles, and in 1909 - m let out them 1149. Further? In 1914 The Harley - Davidson becomes the leading producer of motorcycles in the USA, them 16284 copies are made. In 1917 the plant receives the military order from the U.S. Government, and The Harley - Davidson participates in military operations of World War I.

In 1920 The Harley - Davidson is already the largest producer of motorcycles in the world. From the moment of creation of their first self-made garage motorcycle there passed only 16 years.

Prompt rise of brand and any falling, idolopoklonchesky top under the name Harley - Davidson to this day it is occupied by it it is reliable and firm. Time only gives the special value and new power to this cult brand. When it became cult?

Image Great American Dream - not necessarily a lodge with a lawn, a barbecue, garage, the pickup, Cadillac and the Buick. It can be also raunchy nonconformism with a flag of confederation and a knife behind a belt, the vest decorated with the coat of arms of biker club, the rolling motorcycle and the boundless road leaving for the horizon. What color that racer what will carry away the knight of the road forward, far away from a petty-bourgeois backwater, there, where the current of passions of rebellious spirit of the biker storms? Harley - Davidson !

America of the end the fortieth - the beginning of the fiftieth There it was really Golden Age. Post-war blossoming of the superpower which profited in the war in the most extraordinary way. The enormous cars of courageous design space forms blinking neon bright streets, rocket rise of science, the industry, business, economy

devouring fuel and sparkling chrome But as it appeared, in all this magnificence there was no worthy place to many American guys who came back from war. And to someone from them full, indifferent narrow-minded narrow-mindedness was disgusting at all. And then they, having put on flight " jackets; leather biker jackets and having fastened on them trophy German iron crosses, mudflows on motorcycles.

And what color there were these baizes? The real freedom-loving nonconformist needed the most powerful and fast motorcycle to evade police pursuit. The same " was the most suitable at that time; The Harley - Davidson .

However, police officers were equipped fast and powerful " too; Harleys . But police motorcycles were heavy, covered by a heap of lamps, wardrobe trunks, flashers and other office attributes. Raunchy bikers - harleyshchik, without thinking twice, began to facilitate as much as possible the motorcycles, removing from them everything that did not belong directly to the movement.

So appeared chopper - a bike from which removed wings, blinkers, a back lamp, beep, mirrors, a forward brake, mufflers, a back seat reduced a gasoline tank Significantly facilitated Harleys without special work evaded police pursuit, and the word chopper became nominal.

" motorcycles; Harley - Davidson still cult. They still very expensive and demanded. The equipment and the motorcycle industry since that old time evolved very dramatically, and Harley at all boundless respect, is not an example of technical thought and a standard of characteristics for a long time. For example, modern Japanese motorcycles of the same class that Harleys, it is much more reliable than the last, more technologically, quicker, more powerfully and much cheaper. So what?

Also it is possible to argue long, for example, that better - a mechanical Swiss chronometer Tag Heuer for couple of thousands of euros, or quartz Casio for couple of hundreds of dollars which more precisely than mechanics also does not need subplant, but

Harley - Davidson - it is not just remarkable motorcycle. And not just dream of the biker. And not just nice big name stretching respect on the happy owner of the bike of the same name. And not just lifestyle. And not just faithful horse. And not just cult idol... It - all this together.