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How to find itself in this life?

Each of us live life, unfortunately, sometimes at all not that of which dreamed. The majority of us gets up in the mornings, has breakfast, takes a shower, gathers and scratches for work! After day of work many run in shop, and then direct home to be engaged in household affairs.

Through some time we turn in robots, we wallow in daily work, we begin to hate it, to feel sorry for ourselves, to press on children and to damn that day when life forced us to look for earnings.

STOP! Now everything I suggest to stop! Tell

from what we took what life has to be such? What everything already left from - under control? What we nothing any more not in forces to change? Why we granted to ourselves the right to lower hands? Whether it is necessary to blame for it someone, except himself? Really we will be able to change nothing?

We will be able! One condition - your irresistible desire to find itself!

How? - you ask me. How to find what is really interesting? How to define?

The main thing that we have to do is to try ! To test everywhere and in everything, to use every chance, all opportunities! To try, to try, to try! And then one fine day you will surely meet what is necessary for you. With what you will be ready to carry out all the life. To what send all this time!

We have no time to be engaged in any nonsenses - you object me. Also you will be right! Are absolutely right if you accept your life. You are a happy person!

But there is also other option . You did not find yourself yet, you rush about and do not know where to go and how? What to do and why you need it? Here then this article for you!

Do not regret time, spend it for yourself! It is so much how many you are able to afford, but spend! Really your happiness of it is not necessary?

You will hardly be able to throw everything and to be let on searches. Unfortunately, we are not always free to make similar decisions. However you can:

To participate in various competitions.

To find work with the free schedule.

To go to exhibitions.

To esteem about various professions.

To enter several clubs.

To find to itself a hobby.

To communicate to representatives of different specialties.

To go to some training courses.

In a word to try to diversify as much as possible the life . As soon as - that bothers, safely change, look for further! Connect to this process of the friends and relatives.

Even if you so far do not represent at all where could make the efforts and what can interest you, do not stop! Before you huge field of activity opens. You can try everywhere, look at everything with eyes of other people, learn better to understand them. These data, undoubtedly, will be useful to you. Your horizons will be broadened, your outlook will exchange, it will be easier for you to communicate with the most different people!

As an example we can take the sales manager. Start up even it will be very good manager (though it is difficult to become the expert in stranger for to the sphere). Work of our manager begins in 10. 00, comes to an end in 18. 00. The house it is waited by a family. Every day he comes home tired (unloved work always exhausts), has supper, lays down on a sofa, turns on the TV, listens to the wife`s claims, solves problems of children and goes to bed. This situation repeats for years!

And now let`s present that the manager, having come home once, sits down to write, considers a subject, fixes thought. It comes to work, the text is not finished yet, he needs to cope quicker with duties to add it. In his eyes interest is for the first time read. It lights the clients. He finishes article, sends it to a competition, wins it, receives the invitation from edition, gives up unloved business and at last begins to live !

Of course, the example is exaggerated. There are a lot of assumptions. He could begin to write not at once, he could try to sing, draw, play the guitar, to prepare etc. He could not win a competition, but could just find favourite business and be improved in it. It could find an outlet thus. And at the worst, it could just find something else.

The sense is that it decided to change something once, found forces to make something not as usually. He dared to try something new, and this novelty overflowed him from legs to the head!

Force themselves to interrupt routine into which you drove yourself. It will be heavy, I know, but I believe that at you everything will turn out, you will surely achieve the! Because you already took a step. You paid attention to this article, so, your life nevertheless is not indifferent for you!