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So who God?

the Father Alexander Men claims that certificates on Jesus did not remain at the famous antique historians because of loss of separate books!

And right there is a question - whether but not the first Christians destroyed an antique civilization (temples, libraries, objects of art and sciences, theaters having declared all this devilish!!!) ?

And whether separate books of antique historians and philosophers were not purposefully destroyed? Maybe it was necessary to hide the truth about that whom Jesus is actually?

To impose the real truth at the same time other Gospel is declared God which of course contains in four Gospel by apocryphal!!!

Knights of order of knights templars went to Palestine deeply believing people, and returned absolute atheists, claiming for example that True God Jesus is false God and True God - John the Baptist!!!

Charge of blasphemy was even more serious. Templars on the basis of testimonies of witnesses and the arrested knights of the Award were accused that they denied Christ`s crucifixion and spat on a cross. There was nothing to object to it. Accepted in ranks of brothers - monks it was said that actually Christ was not crucified and that a cross - not the sacred esteemed symbol, but the tool of death of the criminal - tsar Judaic - lifted revolt against Romans and condemned for it. After this explanation for neophytes suggested to spit a cross.

However blasphemy and heresy - crimes much heavier. These charges especially was confirmed by the fact that idols - so-called " were object of worship; Bafomet`s heads . It were the bronze heads, sometimes with three persons, with horns, with the bright inlaid eyes. Though for Templars these heads were considered as a symbol of welfare and prosperity, fertility of neighboring fields. But for a consequence it was the dyavolopoklonnichestvo sign. And horns on the heads, both three faces, and a skull - all these symbols contacted cabalism, sorcery and alchemy which undoubtedly spoke about a stump of the Satan.

Royal prevo sentenced the great master Jacques de Mole, surveyors Gugo de Peyro, Geoffroi de Gonvilia and Geoffroi de Charne to burning on a fire. Jacques de Mole approached a high woodpile, removed and accurately folded a tampliyersky raincoat and quietly ascended up. When the fire inflamed, he loudly said: The Pope Kliment V, in forty days, you will come to me. The king of France Philip IV, will not pass also years as you will join us . More Jacques de Mole did not make a sound. The policemen seeing his face told then that the master of Templars died without torments.

Predictions of the old man dying on a fire were executed in accuracy. On April 20 in tortures the father Kliment departed to God. It was hurt by a stomach, and doctors registered to drink the pounded emeralds which broke off to the high priest of a gut. In November the king of France Philip IV on hunting fell from a horse. Paralyzed, he was picked up and brought court to the palace. There Philip Krasivy also died, stiffened, incapable to move. And over a body of the lord of France successors were linked. In a year on the gallows the body of the royal legalist Anguerran de Marini preparing process of Templars downloaded. In tortures the knight Guillaume de Nogare directing an investigation died. Philip IV`s sons could not give a throne to the children. Their nephew Eduard Angliysky went to France the war which dragged on more than for century. The country which robbed and killed the Temple Award itself was plundered and humiliated.

As well as Jacques de Mole promised, all royal sort to the thirteenth knee completely died out. History of a damnation ended in 1789. The destiny played one of the most excellent jokes. Five centuries later after execution of the master Jacques de Mole there was extremely interesting story which became apogee of an ancient damnation. In 1793 the Parisian revolutionaries sentenced to the highest measure of the king of France, Louis XVI. The king was arrested and ground in that lock of Tample where the powerful clan of Templars once ran the show. In the morning Louis XVI was put in the vehicle, probably, he managed to dart the last glance at Tample`s lock and to think of something. Further it the guillotine, a wattled basket and hundreds of gapers who are out for blood waited. Tell that when the guillotine knife fell, and Louis XVI`s head fell in a basket, the crowd of gapers left the person, he climbed up a scaffold and having sprinkled with the king`s blood the right hand exclaimed: Jacques de Mole, you are revenged! .

As the sparrow will flush as the swallow will fly away, so the undeserved damnation will not come true (Solomonova`s Parables)