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The mausoleum as the multistage rocket or What we know about Tsiolkovsky?

We everything, of course, know Tsiolkovsky as the herald of a space age and the idea man of rocket production. He really stated idea of the step rocket which rejects the used containers with fuel, persons interested can study the theory in the fine children`s book: Pavel Klushantsev, To other planets . There everything is remarkably clear painted.

The truth it is rumored that already someone stated idea of the multistage rocket earlier, but the government of the young country of Councils decided to appoint to this place of Tsiolkovsky - well means so to that and to be. Stalin promised to Krupskaya: if she opposes much repressions, to appoint Lenina other widow. Also would appoint, do not doubt. Still Tsiolkovsky opened Meshchersky`s formula about flight speed in vacuum. The same algorithm - I. V. Meshchersky who removed a formula was considered bourgeois scientist and Tsiolkovsky is decided to be appointed to a role of a proletarian opener of a useful formula.

One more wonderful idea of Tsiolkovsky - a space squadron. Penetrate.

Takes off, for example, 32 rockets with full tanks of fuel. At some moment 16 of which, having run out of a half of fuel, had to pump over on the fly his rest 16 - ti (pilots of the ships - donors at the same time perish), which, in turn, having run out of fuel half, have to be divided also into 8 rockets which fly further and receive fuel from others 8 - mi rockets (pilots perish too) and so on, there will be yet no rocket which is intended for achievement of the purpose. What light and humanistic idea! It is easy to count that on each flight is necessary for achievement of the set distance 2 in degree of N highly skilled space pilots from which 2 in degree N minus one voluntarily perish, sacrificing itself to a light humanistic ideal of conquest of space... Fine?

Except scientifically - space, Tsiolkovsky had many philosophical ideas and theories which are known very little or absolutely unknown. But not on ShZh! Here them it was already mentioned in sensible article of A. Gusev Cosmism: attitude, philosophy or religion? what convinces us of a prekrasnost of this resource as true School of Life in all its diverse manifestations once again.

But we will get back to philosophical ideas of Tsiolkovsky. For example, he considered that the atom has feelings, that is not in sense that sight and hearing (that too would be rather amusing), and moreover - the highest feelings, i.e. it is capable to feel and realize a grief, pleasure, pleasure, indignation. (Work Monizm of the Universe . Here I ask the editor to leave several empty lines for fans unknown that they could enter the hot confirmations: that at them each atom just trembles with indignation when reads my article).

And so, Tsiolkovsky claimed that atoms can be happy or unhappy, and drew logically consistent conclusion from here: it would be better that unhappy atoms were not at all, and the Universe would consist only of happy atoms why would be all Shchastye.

The inquisitive thought of the scientist on it does not stop: nearby somewhere Michurin who said that it is not necessary to wait for favor by nature lived and worked, and it is necessary to take them. Therefore Tsiolkovsky judged so: happy atoms are found in happy, good people, and in unfortunate and angry - atoms unhappy are found. Therefore that? You already understood, I see: it is necessary to reduce the number of the unhappy people and happy - to increase. And he specified, how exactly: sick, silly and unfortunate it is necessary to FORBID to BREED, and soon on light will not become unfortunate. However, it is logical? And happy and clever it is necessary to breed, on the contrary, with an advancing for what he thought up system of incubators: in each settlement incubators in which women are inseminated by geniuses for improvement of herd open... that is sorry, societies: Tsiolkovsky directly and wrote that ingenious and physically perfect man - the producer has to impregnate about one thousand women. Thus, according to Tsiolkovsky, the human race will gradually come to harmony and perfection:

The thought of artificial insemination of women from the highest men without their participation is interesting. The received posterity again is impregnated by the highest man, and theoretically already the fifth generation gives almost perfection. Analogy - the breeding bull transforming herd... Any lowest animals and imperfect people like cripples, criminals and so on. Should not be anywhere at all they die without posterity, die quietly and happily . ( Space philosophy of Tsiolkovsky ) .

Is one more confirmation that the people caring for the benefit of the whole world in general, as a rule, are absolutely ruthless to units making it.

In general the idea of flights in space and development of the Universe arose at it not just like that, sciences for the sake of and knowledge for and as logical result of one more his idea: that all dead persons will recover sooner or later. Having imagined what on Earth will begin a crowd and confusion, the scientist drew a conclusion that it is necessary to develop somewhat quicker other planets, where and to settle all society of revived. There are data that these its theories strongly interested Lenin, Stalin and Dzerzhinsky, than and goodwill of the Soviet power to the Kaluga odd fellow, appointment it in fathers of astronautics speaks, and there can be even an idea of the mausoleum and burials in the Kremlin wall (that leaders and heroes revived not where to them will take in head and where it is necessary, and at once were constructed in a rank). At the same time the Soviet ideology besides appointed Tsiolkovsky the materialist, and his works about Universe monads, the highest space beings and afterlife quietly hid in archives.

To be fair it should be noted that in Tsiolkovsky`s life there were many heavy deprivations and misfortunes. Since the childhood he almost became deaf and sight was unimportant that strongly depressed him and fenced off from people. Lived in misery, needed, and spent each kopek for books and devices as the true devotee. More than once everything saved up and created at it perished (that flood, revolution), but it persistently started everything over again and again. At school where it worked as the teacher, it was not loved - considered as the odd fellow not in themselves and wrote on it denunciations. And in completion only two his sons committed suicide. So it, being a disabled person and the unhappy person - according to his theory, was a congestion of extremely unhappy atoms, however it for some reason did not prevent it to bring seven children...

Can ask: and why these revelations are necessary? Let Tsiolkovsky remain in memory national as the harmless enthusiast - the dreamer about astronautics. Such Edelweiss. But, as we know, the bitter truth is better than sweet lie. But also, there are data that again there are associations of followers of eugenical ideas of Tsiolkovsky about removal the highest people that, we already know what leads to...