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Day of libraries: how it is correct to use library?

Despite a wide circulation of the Internet and, apparently, its comprehensive educational resources, libraries still remain an important source educational and fiction. If to find the well-known book on economy in Worldwide network or on shelves of shop of problems will not make, then it will be already not so easy to find for the rare, a decade ago written fundamental work . For this purpose also libraries are necessary. As well as hundreds years ago, they truly serve students, scientists and just fans of various reading.

of Library: familiar strangers

of Kinds of libraries much: these are national and regional, school and university, private and municipal, special and public In each large library allocate the departments, for example: department of literature of art, department of literature in foreign languages, department of business reading, department of study of local lore, department of musical editions and film documentary photographs, department of a knigokhraneniye and many others.

Answer to the question How to use library? apparently, lies on a surface: come and use! But when we for the first time get to a certain library (especially large), there are questions and confusion. Where to go? Where to look for books? As well as whom to ask necessary literature? Plainly to understand everything it will turn out only once from the third - the fourth. And if the librarian or the skilled reader helps.

So for saving of time and more effective work it is better, having come to library, the nobility at once, to what department to address what general instructions for use exist that you have the right to demand from library workers and that they have the right to demand from you.

It is possible to join a public library in department of control and registration of readers. It is obligatory to have at itself the passport or the document with registration, it replacing. If library small, can also ask the photo which will be pasted in the library card. The largest modern libraries issue plastic tickets which are produced at you. Photos do here, by means of the special equipment. At signing up in library the constant, temporary or single library card - depending on the reader`s purposes is issued. Record cost in each case different. Users without library card are not served.

Subscriptions and reading rooms

Practically each library serves the reader in two main forms: by means of subscription and of a reading room . In departments of the library subscription readers receive books and any material interesting them (magazines, maps, brochures, illustrations) in the full order for a certain term. Educational literature at higher education institutions is given for all academic year. On each reader in the subscription own form is got where all books and dates of receipt - delivery of literature will fit in. It is stored in library.

In reading rooms it is possible to be engaged with books and other materials only in library. In large libraries of reading rooms a little, each of them has the specialization. It is necessary to look for literature, for example, on economy in department of economic and business literature (names of departments can be different in different libraries). You need the name of the interesting book and the author. If you experience difficulty in information search - address the librarian who will point a rack with literature to the subject interesting you.

Work with periodicals (magazines, newspapers, almanacs) is carried out in a separate reading room.

In halls of subscriptions there can be ranks racks with books, open for free access to funds. In some libraries in department of the subscription of free access to books is not present. Then librarians bring the book necessary to you. In the subscription there is the division. Differentiate educational books and fiction.

If we need, for example, the book Course of the economic theory M. N. Chepurin and E. A. Kiselyova, do not think that it should be looked for at the end of book ranks of the economic section. In the section of the book are exposed in alphabetical order surnames of authors, but if it is several authors, - names. If it was not succeeded to find the necessary book, consult with the librarian: seldom required books and old literature can be in storage.

In case of untimely return of the book from you the penalty has the right to demand (for each overdue day). In case of loss you can ask to buy similar lost the book or to demand to pay the corresponding sum. If the book is still necessary to you , and the term of delivery came, you can prolong it for the same period.

the Catalogue - a key to the necessary literature

the Catalogue - is heart of each library . In this department data on all books of each of departments of library what big it was are collected. In the hall of the catalog there are cases with uncountable boxes, in each of which cards are collected, on them the output data and own library number of each book are written. The catalog is necessary for more effective and convenient search of literature.

It is clear, that to expose all books of many thousands fund on shelves - it is impossible therefore the majority of editions settles down in a book-depository. The reader finds in the catalog a card with library coordinates of the necessary book and fills in the special requirement, on a sample. The name of the book, the author, the place of the edition, year and, the most important - the code appropriated to the book is specified in the requirement. Then with the written-out data you go to the interesting department and give requirements to the librarian. After a while will bring you the necessary literature.

More and more libraries get electronic catalogs . In a certain program of the library computer you have to enter in whole or in part data of the interesting book and wait when the program gives result.

In the catalog of the book are integrated and ordered in several ways. The first - according to sections. You can not know names and authors of books in which your topic will be covered. In this case it is simpler to find (by means of the librarian) a box with the corresponding name, for example, Economic theory and to turn over all cards which are available there - books. If the author is known - then you will suit alphabetic system of search. You find a box with the first letter of a surname of the interesting author and look for the necessary book among cards. But if it is several authors, alphabetically it is possible to find only the name. For the periodical press and editions in foreign languages there are separate systems in the catalog.

To use the catalog it is necessary to be able surely . It is simple to approach the librarian and to ask: Whether and no, such blue book on economy I remember what author? inadmissibly.

That else it is necessary to know about libraries

If you are a non-resident and you have no local registration, then you can take books on the subscription on the house only on the security which after delivery of the book comes back.

For convenience of users in large libraries photocopiers are installed to . You can take the book from storage, copy the necessary pages and go to be engaged home.

Working in library, you make thrifty use of the books and other materials received from funds.

When receiving literature attentively examine it . In case of detection of any defects report about it to the librarian. Otherwise responsibility for damage of books and other materials will be born by you as took them to the last.

And the main thing governed in library: respect yourself and other readers, observe silence and purity. And the polite address to the librarian - a guarantee of receiving necessary consultation and the necessary literature!