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Boris Mokrousov: for what song it is possible to get the State award?

on February 27, 1909, 100 years ago, in Andrey and Maria Mokrousovykh`s family the son named by Boris was born. The great-grandfather and the grandfather of future composer were serfs, but then the grandfather departed from a zemlepashestvo, settled on the Nizhny Novgorod railroad and worked as the conductor that considerably raised his social status.

As well as in any country family, Mokrousov one by one had children: Anatoly, Olga, Aleksandra. Whether it is necessary to say that Boris to whom always charged to look behind them was the chief assistant to mother on education younger. And he tried with might and main: to someone a lullaby will sing a song, to someone will draw the house and the river, say, thanks to younger, Boris since the childhood was versatily gifted. In any case, his first teacher was confident in elementary school: the true artist will grow up from Mokrousov.

From a balalaika to a grand piano

But when in the first postrevolutionary years the Soviet power decided to make culture mass and near school at which Boris studied, opened club of culture Spartak with various circles, the boy seldom it was possible to find houses. But almost always - in a circle of the Russian national tools where the school student quickly learned to play a balalaika, a mandoline, a guitar. But once he saw and heard a grand piano. It so blew Boris`s mind that he resolved - to learn to play at the first case and this instrument!

And further he in something was lucky. The teacher of music who arrived from Petrograd located in legendary Nizhny Novgorod district - Sormovo -. Time was hungry, and the only thing that could support her - carrying out occupations with children. And the fact that the music school was private and consisted of two rooms, especially confused nobody. The main thing - 14 - summer Borya began to be trained in music basics. The only thing that was inconvenient - at his place no tool existed.

Began the ballroom pianist

But boys will find a way out everywhere. They found out that in the evenings in club of one of sormovsky plants it is empty, and the room with a piano is not closed. And they were moved to run there to perform homeworks. Soon it was found by the watchman of plant, and wanted to bawl Bor and to his friend out, but very much children beautifully played. And the head of amateur performances suggested an ingenious exit - to get a job Bor in nearby movie theater the ballroom pianist. Movies were mute and that the viewer did not start missing, during a session music played.

And still all noted that the blond blue-eyed fellow has very kind heart. Somehow on streets of Nizhny Novgorod one poor, old sick person began to appear. He asked For goodness sake, but he was given very seldom. Then with this beggar Borya began to go. They approached some house, and the guy began to sing beautifully. As a rule, hostesses rewarded the singer who pie who a bread hunk. Boris gave all this to the satellite Then the elder brother learned

to play grand piano the younger little sister - Shurochka. It substituted for times Boris during a session behind a grand piano, and Borya worked at this time for the projectionist when the last (especially on holidays washed down, and the people demanded cinema ) . And still Boris earned additionally the worker correspondent in several Nizhny Novgorod newspapers and was a part of the first newspaper editorial office with the poetic name On Ilyich`s rails .

Exchanged the railroad for music

A later, it seems, always the obedient son was uncontrollable when contrary to will of parents came to the Nizhny Novgorod musical technical school. They - that thought that it will go in the footsteps of the father and will work at the railroad

But Boris chose other way. He arrived on workers` faculty of the Moscow conservatory, but studied there not for long - already in half a year it passed to internal office, having become the student. And, perhaps, there was no second such student who thought of study so much. And from - for a grand piano he could not be expelled. And moreover, he began to write the first pieces of music to conservatories, generally suites and sonatas. And only two works are beaten out from this row - the musical comedy written together with the composer V. Enke and the ballet Flea which, however, and remained incomplete.

He became a composer not at once - the songbook. But in 1938 wrote the first song on V. Solovyov`s words - My dear lives in Kazan

My dear I live in Kazan,

A on the Moskva River...

Not love, but punishment -

From each other in the distance.

This lyrical song became very popular, not least and therefore that during the period molodezhno - Komsomol buildings young men and girls often had to leave, and this song united them

to Stalin so liked the song that he did not regret an award

in the years of war Boris Mokrousov wrote many songs, but the most popular of them, perhaps, on Naum Labkovsky`s words Song of the front driver . You remember: Eh, a way - the path front, is not terrible to us bombardment any!

But, perhaps, the most popular song was written by Boris Mokrousov in two years after the end of war. In 1954 when the director Iosif Heyfits shot the movie Rumyantsev`s Business with Alexey Batalov in a leading role, he consciously included Mikhail Isakovsky and Boris Mokrousov`s song in the movie. The song is called Lonely accordion . It was the sure bet as the Song was written in 1947, and in 1948 Boris Mokrousov became the winner of the State award USSR.

Again everything stood till the dawn,

the Door will not creak, fire will not flash.

is Only heard, on the street somewhere of

Lonely the accordion wanders

We with Boris walk in couple...

A then Boris Andreevich became friends with Alexey Fatyanov. Their creative duet presented about 30 lyrical songs. In something they were very similar: strong constitution, real Russian athletes. They were united by thin savoir vivre, love to the native nature, folk art. They liked to make together business trips, on meetings with the audience because in 1956 after a release of the movie Spring on Zarechnaya Street authors of words and music to the header song, people perceived almost like brothers.

Meanwhile, everything could be a little differently. Fatyanov was the famous poet by then - the songbook, and Mokrousov created very little " before; national songs. But Boris played the main violin in this duet. If earlier Alexey wrote verses, gave them to the composer and received the ready song after a while, then Boris had absolutely other approach. He not just composed music, but also helped the poet to build the concept of a song. And if to sort on stones this song, it consists as if of several plots. In the beginning the hero remembers the childhood, then a little goes in cycles on unrequited love, and right there plaints things which it is much more important than the fact that the girl does not answer with love break and shown. It both fires martin furnaces, and plant, and a checkpoint which can to cure from everything that number and with sincere experiences

their friendship was touching. When in 1947 Boris was divorced and came on a visit to Fatyanov, for fun offered: Borya, and why don`t you marry my mother-in-law? You are free, it - too! What Mokrousov, without reflecting answered: No, Lesh, he does not agree, then you should call me father you are not hearing, and I am a father very strict! So, excuse .

This duet created such famous songs as On your porch To Brag, the darling, I will not become (Kurochkin`s couplets) and some other. By the way, both of these songs were written to the performance The Wedding with a dowry which was put 40 at the end - x years, and with an exit to screens of the country of the movie of the same name, these songs began to enjoy big love in the people.

And you could?

For me was opening, as to the cult Soviet movie Imperceptible avengers music was written by Boris Mokrousov. Whether it is easy to create the song on Robert Rozhdestvensky`s verses? I do not think, but Boris Andreevich made it

do not mourn about the son, the Evil share cursing


Across the raging Russia

It hurries a horse.

Rumbles civil war

From is dark to is dark.

is A lot of in the field of footpaths,

Only the truth - one.

Or Rozhdestvensky and Mokrousov`s second song was remembered by all:

Month looked out and again

Hid behind clouds. close

On seven locks black - I Will steal

together with locks!

Unfortunately, one and a half years later after an exit to the screen of this movie imperceptible and together with them and all Soviet fans of national songs, were deserted. On March 27, 1968 Boris Andreevich Mokrousov did not become. It was more than 40 years ago, and its songs still live!